LMP-20 — Dreams Create Futures


If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything. This is all about HOW to identify your dreams and help others to identify theirs!

Dreams In Action!   WHY dreams are so important?  Because: Dreams Create Futures!  You have to HAVE a dream to MAKE a dream come true!  If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything.  You are just taking what comes, you have nothing in front of you to encourage you to move forward.

HINT for Leaders:
Many leaders think they need to be PUSHING their team to achieve.  But GREAT LEADERS find out what is important to their team members and encourage THEM to strive to achieve their dreams and goals.  Leaders should of course TEACH their team HOW to be effective in working their business … that is why we offer the TEAM THEME MEETING PLANS!  The other responsibility of a leader is to encourage, motivate and inspire their team to believe in themselves and aspire to achieve their dreams.  Leaders can’t and shouldn’t even try to do the work for them.  Leaders should be an example and “coach” their team to use their talents to achieve!  You as a leader are there to observe, give advice, point them in the right direction to find their own answers and then be their cheerleader!

Concept cont:
What does “Dreams Create Futures!” mean to you?  (Give everyone the “Dreams Create Futures Sticker (S65083) to put in their notebooks.   How can this be applied to your business?  How do you think having a dream will help you in your business?
(Discuss this concept with your team.)

Now, think about how this slogan can be used in your businesses.  How much more (and more effectively) do hosts work when they KNOW what they are working toward?  How can asking this question of “What’s your dream?”  impact your business?  Do you think that if you actually ASK your guests what their dream is that you would learn more about them?  Once you know what it is that they are looking for…. how could you then help them?

Discuss this concept and then ask how you could use these stickers in your catalogs and order forms to get people thinking about what it is that they want! Give everyone a strip of the “What’s Your Dream? stickers S65258 to use in their catalogs. What kind of impact might this slogan have if you wear the Button B65258 around town?

PDF-Key1-Boost your Bookings

Business Basics:
These concepts of dreams lead directly to Key Area Training- Key 1: Booking! There are so many aspects that it can be applied to. Do you have a dream for your business? What is it? How many parties to you need to have in order to achieve your dream?
Understand that as you set that goal – it WILL create your future as you work towards achieving it!




Get even more ideas when you get the PDF from our website.

Inspiration: Purchase the PDF for this Meeting Plan from our website for an Activity for your team and ideas on Inspiration, Challenges,  Stories (one of my favorites “Wonderful, Wonderfuls”, Recognition ideas and the Meeting Plan Checklist!

CLICK HERE to go to this training CATEGORY on our website where all the products mentioned (and a few more) are listed.

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1-04 – Book to Look Inside IDEA


This is an OLD IDEA that we’ve made NEW AGAIN!

This is an OLD IDEA that we’ve made NEW AGAIN!  You’ve all heard of “Book to Look”  You understand that some people just can’t stand it!  They want to know what is inside!  They want to be enticed to book a party!  Their curiosity and their belief that they have a chance to earn a great prize is just the little bit of incentive they need to make the decision to book!

The OLD Idea was to prepare envelopes with certificates for prizes inside.  Then use the “Book then Look” Stickers on the envelopes.  Once they book, they get to look.   But we’ve now taken it many steps further!

With this NEW idea you not only have envelopes with the cute stickers on them, but we’ve created BAG Toppers with the “Book to Look Inside” slogan.  You put a gift inside the BAG and of course when they book, they get to look!  The BIG BAG is bound to get their attention but we also have some darling little paper purses with the same graphic AND some cute CARD HOLDERS!

The idea is to prepare a whole bunch of the items at once, include some items of BIG VALUE– like an expensive product you got for a really good deal, plus a bunch of others.  Then say, “I have a whole bunch of “Book to Look” gifts available.  When you book a party or show on the available dates on my “Book to Look” Board you’ll get to pick one of them.  Now, the gifts are valued at $??? to $??? or __% to __% off on your order!  It is up to chance and of course it is up to YOU!”
(Now, if you don’t want to use the “Board” for available dates, you don’t have too, but this is a great way to keep your calendar full!!)
WHY should you prepare a whole bunch at the same time?  

  • 1 — Because you can continue to use the from ___ to ___ value until all the gifts are gone, even if the higher value gift was picked at a previous party because your statement of the values when you prepared it are true.  You don’t have to continue to replace the higher value gift if it was already chosen.
  • 2 — The more prizes you have, the greater the curiosity!

More suggestions:

  1.  Show the prizes or pass out the envelopes early to create curiosity.
  2. Be sure to mention the advantages to booking throughout your demonstration. (Just short little “one liners” like, “You could get this FREE when you book tonight with me (as well as one of the great gift bags or envelopes)!
  3. Put the “Ask me about Book to Look” stickers in your catalogs and ON you order forms!  Why, because in your catalogs, your guests will be reminded again and again.   But why on the order form?  When you are checking her out, you’ll see the sticker and it will remind you to ASK her if she is going to choose a Book to Look gift?

Be sure to ALWAYS say that they actually receive the prize AT their party that is held on the date specified!  If they want to book on a different date- that is great- but you don’t need to give the prize if you’ve already specified that it is for booking on a specific date.

Now, we’ve made it even EASIER to give the prize as well!  We’ve created a Postcard and Business Card size card that says, “Look what you get because you’ve BOOKED! TEXT READS: Thank you for booking with me!  We will have so much fun!  Be sure to fill out your Wish List as my goal is to help YOU earn FREE products!”  Your gift for booking and holding your event on the date we’ve set is: ____________.  I will either bring your gift with me to your event or include it in your event order!
Of course we also have these available so YOU can print whatever you want ONTO the cute graphic cards using our FREE Templates.

Go ahead and get started.  Try this concept of putting this selection of “Book to Look Inside” products around the room and in your display.  You’ll have people filling your available dates!
See our Money Saving K-Packs!


DELUXE pack so you can prepare 14 gifts all at the same time

We have TWO!  One is a STARTER PACK with just ONE of each of the gift ideas.

The other is the DELUXE pack which includes TWO large bags, 4 purses, 4 Card Holders and 4 Envelopes with Postcard and Stickers!  This way you can prepare 14 gifts all at the same time!
If you want to do it all separately, the stickers, bags, card holders, postcards, etc are all available individually.

Here is the link to the CATEGORY on our website so you can see ALL of these products.


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3-03 Easy, Effective Invitations Attract Attendance


Easily attract more people to your parties with these Printable Stickers

Are people paying attention to your invitations?  If you don’t already know WHY to put the 4 stickers on every invitation and how it can REALLY Boost your business, Click HERE


But now, let’s talk about making it EASY!

As part of our Key Pack Training on Boosting and Attracting Greater Attendance I was doing a conference call.  We were discussing putting stickers on your invitations- the VALUE and HUGE impact they can have.  (Be sure and READ or LISTEN to the training mentioned above.)

During this discussion,  I was suggesting using the PSA3203 Bring a Friend ADDRESS -30 PRINTABLE STICKERS to PRINT their host information and then just sticking it onto the postcard invitations your companies offer.  She said, “That’s a wonderful idea, but there is not enough room as I often include my website, or the address is a little, long, etc.!”

Well, BELLS went off in my head!  We now have the capability in our office to PRINT stickers for you on the Business Card size stickers which usually fit PERFECTLY on your invitations where your company leaves room to HAND WRITE your host information (what a PAIN – no wonder you want the host to mail the invitations herself!)

BUT … now YOU can PRINT your HOST info on the stickers we provide that will have our FUN GRAPHICS already printed in BRIGHT, VIBRANT colors on the LEFT Side!
We provide a FREE WORD TEMPLATE you can download (just click the DOWNLOAD TAB in the products) and YOU can set it up with a place for the HOST name and address,, date, RSVP with phone etc.  There will usually be room for  your name and even your website or blog too!

As I was developing this idea and the products to go with it, I originally created the Key 3 slogans like “Bring a Friend,” “You’re invited to a girl’s night out,” “Bring 2 friends receive Free Shipping,” and “Earn extra Tickets for our Door Prize!”

Then, I got to thinking, why not have slogans for Booking and Recruiting that you could use instead so you can mix it up?

You can put the BIG sticker with the host info to encourage booking, recruiting or bringing a friend, then use the smaller stickers on other parts of your invitation or even on the other side or the envelope!

So, I went to work and created 22 different slogans in the Business Card size format!

NOTE:  We have printed the GRAPHIC and BORDER onto the sticker with a high quality LASER printer in our office.  The sticker material we use has a MATTE finish so you should be able to run it through YOUR OWN ink jet or laser printer to print your information in the blank space.  However, we make NO GUARANTEE and suggest you check your printer instructions.  We haven’t had any troubles with customers running these through their printers, but we MUST post this disclaimer!

REMEMBER, this saves you HOURS of writing and time as you are sticking TWO messages at once.  Once you set up your own TEMPLATE, just open it and type new host info and save it.  The same template matches most ALL of our BC size (10 up) Printable (PS) designs.

So give it a try putting the FOUR stickers on every invitation!  See how it will impact YOUR business!

I know it will as we’ve had thousands of customers tell us it works, so I know it will for you too!
The link to the CATEGORY on our website where you’ll find the PRINTABLE Stickers mentioned above is below.  This category also has a great selection of some of our most popular regular stickers. (And even some money saving K-Packs!)

Start TODAY, and make the most of every opportunity!  You never know what just ONE sticker could do for your business!   Oh, remember the ABCD formula?  Where else can you make a $10 return on a 50¢ investment?
Click the CATEGORY link to order the products individually AND the packs:


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T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job Charts

7-04---To-Do-Boards!Believe in your Dream and other motivational “To Do” Boards! makes it EASY to VISUALLY keep what you need to do in front of you and track your progress without re-writing over and over again!

Several different 11” x 17” Laminated boards available in different colors
Each board has 5 sections. (See details about each section below.)
Use SMALL (2” x 1 1/2”) Post It type sticky notes.
Write what needs to be done & MOVE the notes from section to section of the board.


1- THINGS TO DO: WRITE the various tasks you
need to do during the week on a sticky note & put them here.
2- DO TODAY:  Move tasks from Things to Do, to the
tasks you plan to accomplish TODAY!
3- IN PROGRESS: As you begin a task, put it here.
You shouldn’t have more than 2 tasks in progress at a time.
This helps you to actually FOCUS and complete your task!
4- WAITING…:  If you can’t complete a task because you
are waiting for someone else to do their part, move the task here.
For example, if you are waiting for a host to get back to you, or the school, or a doctor,
the task would go here. Try to not have more than TWO items waiting at a time.
5- THINGS I’VE DONE:  When a task is completed, move it here.
YEA!  If it is a task that you will need to do again next week, leave it here until you
plan next week and then move it to the NEED TO DO and start all over again.
If it is a task that you don’t need to do for a while, put it on the back of the board.

The board is LAMINATED for TWO reasons:
1- The sticky notes last much longer on the laminated surface
2- If you want to actually write on the board, use a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN) so you can easily erase it
with a damp (not wet) cloth .

* If you want to put on your fridge,  cut the TWO included magnets into 4 pieces and put them on the
back. Or, hang on the wall!
  That’s it!  A simple, EASY way to stay on task of what needs to be done!

Download this PDF from the website.

Download this PDF from the website.

Order TODAY and be watching for additional designs for keeping track of business, family, etc.
or even for every family member!

We already have several different colors available.  Click this like to go to the CATEGORY with ALL the boards we currently offer. There is also a PDF download of these instructions.

Click this link to go to the T7-04 To do Boards Category on TheBooster.com website:  http://www.thebooster.com/581-t7-04-to-do-boards


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T5-04 — Join my VIP Club!


Another twist on a Preferred Customer Club.

We’ve created this slogan as a Button (to advertise) a Sticker (to advertise and reward) and a
Reward Card for customers to fill and earn rewards.

It can be used as a regular Preferred Customer Card (See the little things that set them apart.

T5-03 — Start your own Preferred Customer Program! for specific details.
(Be sure to see our new “Free Shopping Spree” Preferred Customer Cards by following the link from the BLOG to our website!)

Now, here are a few “Specific” ideas about VIP!

Start a VIP Club.  Use the stickers in your catalogs and either wear the button, or put it up in your display.  When people ASK you about it (and they will) say,

All you need to do to is be sure and fill in your email and put a FB by your email.  I’ll send you an email with the link for you to join my VIP Club  (GROUP of FAN PAGE).  (Of course you’ll give it a name that your customers will easily relate to you.)

Tell them that in your group or fan page that you offer specific ideas about whatever it is you sell.  These would be tips IN ADDITION to the actual products you offer.  For example, if you offer Jewelry, you might want to give ideas on HOW to accessorize with Jewelry.  If you offer Organization products, you’ll want to include ideas on HOW to organize.  If you offer candles, you’ll want to share decorating ideas with candles.  Whatever product you offer, you can include usage, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Then tell them that you also share SPECIALS, coupons, etc. to those on your page or in the group.

But, as an added BONUS, once they’ve filled their VIP card, they will be invited to a special VIP group (club) where they will receive EVEN MORE BONUSES!

You could also use this for HOST as they do what you ask in preparing for their party.  See the Preferred Host Program ideas (T2-Hosts Free Training Ideas)

Maybe those additional bonuses would be a % discount for 6 months after they’ve filled their card.  A Half Price item when available, special offers from your company, invitation to lunch at your house, early admittance to your clearance specials, and on and on- whatever YOU want to offer!  It can be constantly changing and filled with surprises!

So, WHY should you offer this?
1-Because it keeps your customers coming back to you!
2-It creates interest and awareness of your products (which generally will increase orders!)
3- It gives you an opportunity to make regular contact with your customers.
4- It keeps YOU “Front of Mind” for when they need your product or service.
5- It is fun and customers will feel valued yet it is VERY affordable — just pennies per person!

That’s it!  Sweet, Simple and SALES-Sational!

To go to the category to SEE and Order all the products that go with this training click:


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3-02 — Give AUCTION parties to boost attendance, sales and more!

See all the products to help make Auction parties easy!

T3-2 Give AUCTION parties to boost attendance, sales and more!

How can having an “Auction Party” increase attendance and sales?

When you let your customers know they can earn extra auction $$$ by helping you, they will invite their friends and help get outside orders!.

How can you encourage your invited guests to help you?
Put these “Auction Stickers” (S30445) on your invitations. They tell your guests to earn extra $$$ they can:

  1. Bring their invitation! (When guests decide to do this they will put their invitation in a place they will remember.   Then they can look at it to be reminded of the dates, etc.)
  2. Bring a adult guest. (When they invite a friend to attend the party with them, you will have TWO committed guests instead of ONE “maybe” guest.)
  3. Bring outside orders (This encourages guests to talk to their friends and mention that they are going to the party, if the friend can’t come, they can still offer to place an order for them.)

How would you do an Auction Party?

1.    First, you would tell your guests that you are having an auction at the end of the party. Their goal is to earn Auction Money. Use the V6127 — Auction Money Recruit CASH. (The bills are all $100 value. It makes it WAY easier than making change and the auction takes less time because the bid in $100 increments.)  Besides, it doesn’t matter because you get all the bills back at the end of the party to use the next time!  So you can give out TONS of cash for anything and everything!

2.    Make a lasting impression by also using the “Recruiting Dollars” (V6658).   They say “Short on cash?   I can help turn this into REAL money.   Call me today!” on the front of a $100 bill.   Be sure to put YOUR name and number on the back.   (Use the printable sticker “Could you use an extra $100 a week” on the back printed with your contact information.”   I’ll tell you WHY to include these $100 bills in your auction money below.

3.    Tell them that you had special instructions on your invitations to receive extra Auction $$ and reward those who did as you asked at that time. Then tell them that they can earn money by being involved in your party.   Here are some examples:

  • Give them $100 each time them make a suggestion of how they have used one of your products or why they like something you offer.
  • Ask questions about what they would receive as a hostess and give $100 bills to those who offer correct answers.
  • Ask questions about what your company offers if they were to join your team and reward those who know the answers with $100 bills.
  • Tell them that if they book a party, they will receive $1000 in Auction money.   Offer $2000 to the FIRST person to book a party.
  • Tell them that whoever makes an appointment to learn about your opportunity will receive $2000 in auction money.   (Or whatever increments you choose)

Use your imagination and come up with as many ways as you can think of to give Auction Money! This keeps your guests involved in your party and having fun!

4.    At the end of the party, show them the prizes (if you didn’t show them at the beginning) and have your auction. You may want to put numbers on each item and randomly pull a number to decide what you will auction off first.   You may want to keep the gifts as a surprise. Give different things a try and see what works for you.

What does it cost you do offer Auction Parties?

Remember the ABCD formula: A Success Formula?

If the B for Benefit is Greater Than the C for COST   then D- do it!

Your cost to offer Auction parties is the cost of the stickers ($1.99 or less for 48 stickers) and the cost of the gifts. Usually, your company offers items that you get at very reasonable prices that you can use as gifts. You gifts will probably cost less than $5.00. You only have a one time expense on the Money you use, because you get it back during every auction.

Let’s do the math:

  • if just ONE extra guest comes and places a $40 order,
  • and ONE person brings a friend (two committed guests spending $40 each)
  • and ONE person brings a $40 outside order

that would be a total of $160 in additional orders.  

If your profit is 25% you would have made an additional $40!   The cost was $7 so your PROFIT would be $33.

What if you only made HALF that amount, you would have STILL made $13 more than you would have. But, what if you were to DOUBLE those sales? Your cost of $7 would remain the same but your profit would be $73!
Can’t you see the benefit in giving this a try?

What are the other benefits of doing an auction?

You’ll keep track of those who know your products.   You’ll find out who accumulated the most money.   This would probably be a prime person to talk to about your opportunity.   People will choose to book parties and make opportunity appointments to earn the auction money.   Using these techniques keeps people interested and paying attention to what you are asking.   It keeps them focused on YOU instead of chit chatting with each other. When you add these benefits to the increased sales, you can really see how offering Auction Parties can make a BIG increase in your profit!

WHY use the “Recruiting Dollars” as some of your auction money?   At the end of the auction, give them each one of the recruiting dollars back and say, “Keep this in your wallet, and when you come to my next auction party you’ll already have $100 to start the game!   Plus, in the meantime if you are low on cash and need to turn this into REAL money, give me a call, my name and number are on the back!

Isn’t this great?   Who do you think they will think of every time they look at that $100 bill in their wallet?   This is better than a TV commercial because your name and the products you offer will become so familiar to them!

P.S.   Some of you want to tell your customers specifically how much extra money they will receive for bringing friends, etc. Print the details on our printable sticker borders!   It’s fast and easy!

To SEE all the products mentioned in this training click the link below:


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T2-04 — Encourage Hosts to Go for More!

T2-04 Go for More IDEA

Just imagine what this could do for your party averages, bookings & recruit leads!

How much would your business grow if you encourage your HOSTS to earn rewards by doing more?

What we suggest is you offer her the chance to fill a “Go For More” Rewards Card by doing some extra things to prepare for her party.  If she DOES them, her party will be so successful, it will MORE than pay for the extra rewards.  If she doesn’t, you are not out anything!   So, why not give it a try?  What do you have to lose compared to what you BOTH have to gain?  Here are the details:

What are the benefits for the HOST?
1. By getting outside bookings she not only qualifies to receive more “host credits*” but she gets to mark off a box on her “Preferred Hostess Card (PHC)**” or “More Rewards Card” toward earning an additional gift and becoming a member of your “Elite Hostess Club**!” (*see details below.)
2. By identifying people who might be interested in joining your team she marks off boxes on her “PHC”.
3. She will earn more “host credits” as her party/show attendance and sales increase as well as more boxes on her “PHC”
4. If she joins your team, those recruit leads could go directly under her!

What are the benefits for YOU?
1. She can help you identify potential hosts and get bookings.
2. She can identify people who might be interested in becoming a member of your team.
3. She boosts attendance and sales at her party/show which is a WIN/WIN for both of you.
4. She will see how easy it can be and maybe want to join your team herself.

This all sounds GREAT but HOW do you do it?
(Once you see how easy this is, imagine the impact it will have on your business!)

1. We have a sticker that says “Call your guests! Earn more credits by finding the 5 guests with this sticker on their invitation! Have them bring it to receive a prize!” (LS2259) It has been very effective in encouraging hosts to make the calls.
So FIRST, you choose a special sticker to put on just FIVE of the invitations for the party.  (Any of the Key 4:BOOST SALES stickers like “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) or “More Impressive in person” S43478, etc. work great.

THEN, you put this sticker, with the one they are looking for directly below it (see example) on the front of the
“Your invitations have been mailed”  (PP20753CT) or “Remember to Call” (PP20752CT) postcards.  (These POSTCARDS are just a suggestion, we have LOTS to choose from- SEE KEY 2 POSTCARDS)

But now we’ve taken this to the next level- to help you “Go for More!”:

1:  Include in your host packet a “Go for more Call Scenario” of exactly what your hosts could say while making their calls to help them help them earn MORE gifts! Below is a sample of the script. (DOWNLOAD the WORD document of these scripts for FREE! (CLICK THE DOWNLOAD TAB in this 2-04-Go for More TRAINING IDEA on our WEBSITE)

2:   Put the FOUR stickers we suggest on every invitation AND the 5th sticker (as mentioned above) on 5 of the invitations. Yes, I said FOUR stickers on every invitation.  The benefits for doing this are HUGE!  I’m not going to go into all the details here but if you’ll read the information under the K-INVITE Pack (shown in the T2-04- Go for More CATEGORY OF PRODUCTS that go with this idea) you’ll be sold on the impact the 4 stickers can have. Read some of the reviews too!)

But just for a recap the FOUR stickers should include:
Key 1: Booking sticker,
Key 6: Recruiting Sticker,
TWO Key3: Boost Attendance stickers – one should be a “bring a friend” type and the second a “having fun” type.
3:  *Include in each host packet a “Preferred Hostess Card (PHC)” (BC2607) or our NEW “Go for More Rewards Card”

Using these Reward Cards makes giving the extras for what your host does to prepare for her party so much easier than “little gift” after “little gift” for TWO reasons:
1: it’s easier to keep track of because SHE is keeping track &
2: because she gets to mark off a box for each thing she does to prepare for her party to earn a BIG gift.

For more details on this Preferred Host CARD concept click VIEW on the items.
(Shown in product list the T2-04 Go for More CATEGORY- click the link at the bottom of this post.)

You’ll want to type up your list of what she gets to mark off boxes on the card for.
(Copy the ideas from the list shown under this product on our website and then customize it to fit your business.)

4: ** Decide on the gifts she’ll receive when she fills the card and what your “Elite Hostess Club” will entitle her to! (Again, look under the product for more ideas on that.) But, just to clarify, your “Elite Hostess Club” is for those who fill their card (it usually takes 2 to 2 ½ parties to fill the card) and then they get invited to your “Spring or Fall Mystery Hostess” party where you introduce your new products and allow those hosts to book your best dates for the holidays, etc.  (See PI-5001– Mystery Hostess Parties under FREE PARTY IDEAS)

5:  When you give her the host information, (in the Hostess Folder (V2670) to make it even more professional and fun!) show her the “Go for More – Call Scenario” sheet you’ve created and quickly go through it with her so she is comfortable with it.   Also be sure to tell her (and show her the Preferred Host sheet) WHAT she’ll earn as she “Goes for More” filling her REWARDS CARD and for what  ACTIONS she gets to mark off circles.

6:  Keep in contact with her and be sure to FOLLOW UP on the leads she gives you ASAP! Sending “Encouragement” and “Thank You” type cards is always good! (A few are shown in the T2-04 IDEA CATEGORY.)
NOW- here is what would be on the “Go for More” instruction sheet you give each host:

Use the “10-5-2 (LS2121) 10-5-3 (PR20130) or 10-3-2 (PR20368) stickers in the upper left corner and on your hostess folder! Put the “Go for more!” stickers (PR70369) on your hostess folder and send it on the front of any postcards or envelopes you send to your hosts as reinforcement and a reminder!


Order this PDF that shows you all the graphics!

Here’s what to print on the “Go for More” instructions sheet you put in your hostess folders:
(I’ve actually posted this entire script in a WORD document that you can edit and print to put in your host folders.
Just go to our website (use the link below) and click VIEW on the 2-04-PDF Go for More ITEM. 
Then click the DOWNLOAD TAB.
You can ORDER this product and you’ll get the PDF showing all the graphics and exactly what to do.)

I invite you to Go for More!

Just 1-3 minutes per call to each of your friends that you invited makes a HUGE impact on your party/show attendance, and helps you get outside bookings and sales!  PLUS, this extra effort helps you to earn even MORE gifts for being a host as well as to fill your Host Reward Card to earn even more gifts!

Below is a suggestion of what to say as you make each call whether you get to talk to them or are leaving a message.  )Please take a minute to get familiar with what to say and it will REALLY make a BIG difference!):

Hi _____________ this is ______________
I just wanted to make sure you received your invitation to my ____________________ party/show that is on ________________.
You did? That’s great!

My consultant is so cool, and she has given me a challenge to find a specific sticker that might be on your invitation. Could you get your invitation and read me the stickers?
Thanks, I’ll wait. (If she doesn’t know where it is, or now is not a good time finish with asking her if she is going to attend. If yes, be excited and remind her to bring a friend. If not, ask her if she would like to see a catalog.- Make notes on your guest list and follow up.)

Once she comes back with her invitation:
Thanks, could you read me one of the stickers on your invitation?

Since there are 4- possibly 5 stickers on each invitation and you don’t know which order she will read them off in, I’ll give you the scenario for each TYPE of sticker that she might read to you, and you can go from there:

Booking type sticker: (Something like “Why pay full price, free is twice as nice! S10411) That’s not the one I’m looking for but did you realize that you CAN earn FREE products when you choose to be a host? Does FREE sound good to you because you get an extra gift if you book before the show? (If she sounds interested tell her what she gets if she books or that you’ll have your consultant call her to set the date!)

“Bring a Friend” type sticker!  Yes, that’s right and I WANT you to bring a friend, I’d love to meet a friend of yours that I don’t already know.  Do you have someone in mind?
Depending on the answer you could say:

Yes, please bring her, my consultant says she’ll give you BOTH a gift!   OR

That’s OK, I’d love it if you’d think about someone to bring because my consultant says she’ll give you BOTH a gift!

Recruiting type sticker:  (Something like “Full time pay, part time hours (S60264)”

You know, my consultant IS looking for qualified people to join her team and she tells me that you can really earn a great income. Are you looking for something part-time to earn some extra money?

(depending on answer:)
I’ll give her you name and have her contact her or That’s OK!

“Having Fun type sticker” (Something like “Enjoy a girls night out” S30242)

We are going to have so much fun!   I’m really looking forward to sharing the ______ products with all my friends.

The 5th sticker (look at your postcard to see which sticker you are looking for)

and if they have it, say “That’s the one I’m looking for” then confirm whatever it says, for example if the sticker is “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) you could say something like: With the ______ holiday coming up you will just love the gift ideas my consultant has.
Now, be sure to BRING your invitation to the party because you’ll get a PRIZE because you have that sticker on your invitation!
Our party/show on __________ will be so much fun, I can hardly wait for you and your friend to see all the great _________ products! See you _________.

If she doesn’t have the one you’re looking for say:

“Thanks for helping me out.” Our party/show on __________ will be so much fun. Be sure to bring your invitation because it will be entered into a drawing! I can hardly wait for you and your friend to see all the great _________ products! See you ________.

Please make a note on your guest list of the response from each guest.

If they’re not home here’s a script for a message:
Hi ___________, this is ____________. I’m calling to remind you about my ______________ party/ show on _________________.

I wanted to know if you are planning on coming (I hope you are) so I can plan refreshments.  Also,  my consultant has given me a challenge to find a specific sticker on one of the invitations she mailed. Could you call me back at ________ to tell me what stickers you have on your invitation or just bring it to the party and it will be entered in a drawing !  If you have the specific sticker I’m trying to find we could BOTH win a PRIZE!

Thanks, I’ll see you ___________ .

Again, Thank YOU so much for making the time to make these calls!  I promise, it will be well worth your time as the impact it has on not only boosting your attendance, but helping you get outside orders and bookings will help you to earn everything on your wish list!  This IS my goal, that you have a great time with your friends AND earn everything you want.

If you have any questions, please, just call me!


I hope you will give this idea a try and see how it impacts your party averages!
You are welcome to post comments below on our BLOG or our Facebook Fan Page!
Here is the direct link to the CATEGORY of products on our website:



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Dreams in Action… The more action you take the more progress
you make!
Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!

What are “Dreams in Action?” We all know how important it is to have a dream or goal. I’m sure you’ve already learned it is necessary for you to identify your dreams and goal… to actually WRITE THEM DOWN, but really, how many of you have actually done it?

Identifying your dreams and aspirations is actually the FIRST step to making them come true. Then you need to look at your “dream” and break it down into achievable and believable goals. Yes, we have to BELIEVE that our dreams can come true. As the Disney song goes, “Get your head in the game!” Believing is a factor of success but not the only one! You must decide on ACTION STEPS that will enable you to achieve your dream. But then you must TAKE ACTION! “Dreams in Action” occur when you are actually DOING what is necessary to make the dreams come true!

Understand that making dreams come true usually encompass a process! Unfortunately, many envision their dream as an accomplished fact but neglect to determine what actions are going to take them from where they are to the realization of their dream! Rarely is it an instant jump! Even those who have the dream of winning the lottery must a least go out and buy a lottery ticket!
So, let’s break this concept down into the simple steps we’ve just discussed. 1) Identify the dream, 2) Break the dream into achievable goals, 3) Belief, 4) Plan, and 5 Action.

1) Identify the dream! Make it real! Write it down! Some do vision boards to help them to actually SEE the results. You have to actually HAVE a dream to to make it come true. You can actually have dreams for different parts of your life. When I was younger and had kids as home, I had a dream of being a grandma, surrounded by a loving family and I also had a dream of building my business to help hundreds of thousand to not only boost their businesses, but to make more money in less time so they would have more time to spend with their families. With a lot of hard work and focus I’ve been blessed to be able to fulfill BOTH those dreams. So, what are YOUR dreams? Just picture them and write them down. In the rest of this training we are going to discuss primarily your business dreams, but keep in mind that they must coincide with your personal dreams as well.

2) Break the dream into achievable goals. Realistically look at your dream and take it in a step by step process to divide it into achievable goals. If it is your dream to walk across the stage at your next conference, you’ll need to have parties booked and generate sales. You must put the horse in front of the cart. First things first.

In each of our 12 training themes (that go with the Dreams in Action theme) we are going to take your business and break it into the 12 Key Pack Themes and each month we will discuss specific concepts and ideas to create greater success in each key area.

3) Belief! We hear all the time about the importance of BELIEF and I agree that believing is very important. But, it is only part of the formula to achieve your dreams.

Think about this: If you are in a room that is getting dark and you want more light, what would you do?

Is it enough to BELIEVE that the light will turn on? I would bet that no matter how much you visualize the light turning on, and believe with all your might that the light will turn on, that that alone will not turn the light on. What will? Actually going to the switch and flipping it will usually turn the light on! (Now I say usually, because the electricity must be flowing and the wires must be connected properly and it must be a working fixture and bulb, but if all those elements are in place, you should get light.)
But, the next question is WHY would you flip the switch? As an adult, your experience has taught you that that is the action you need to take to make it happen. You BELIEVE that if you flip the switch, the light will come on. But as a child that has never seen a light turned on, would they even know to walk over to the switch?

So, I contend, that we must first BELIEVE, but we have to have something to believe in! When it comes to your business, you must learn, then believe in the concepts and principles that will work to achieve your goals. Too many think belief alone will be enough, and though I wholeheartedly agree that your mental position and belief in your own success is a vital part of the equation, the actual DOING something, putting yourself in a position that the universe can help you, will enable your dreams to come true at a much faster pace. I love this quote: “Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!” as it is a combination of the believe and visualization of your dream and the DOING to make it reality!
(Leaders, pass this sticker S71082 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.)

4) Plan. You have to have a plan! Yes, some people achieve a level of success without one, but the quickest way to your dreams is to have a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Remember the slogan, “Without a destination, any road will get you there!” The same is true in without a plan, you are bound to end up off track at times. Decide now to take the time to have a plan of ACTION. In each of our Key Pack training (consultant level) we have always given an ACTION PLAN. It consists of the things to DO immediately to begin implementing the training we offer. You may want to incorporate some of those action steps into your plan for each month (Leaders: print off the Action Steps each month for your team to help them in developing their own plan of action! They are in the full PDF training you can download and then just print multiples of that page and cut in half.)

5 Action! Yes ACTION is necessary. You must put one foot in front of the other, moving in the right direction. If you go home from this meeting and just continue to do what you are already doing, you will not progress to a different level. Dreams in Action is a process! It is a process of taking action! “The more Action you take, the more Progress you make!” (Leaders, pass this sticker S71081 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.) So this is our theme for the coming months. Dreams in Action! The more Action you take, the more Progress you make! Each month we will discuss different things you can do to achieve your dreams for your business.

for Leaders:
This theme is intended to be your theme for the year. It of course could be used for just one meeting but we have plans for it to be used throughout the year.
Included in this pack are products to make it easy to use this as a basic theme that you can refer to each month.

It is essential that you make your meeting not only motivational but that they actually LEARN some specific things to do to boost their business! The actual theme part of each month’s training will go along with the “Dreams in Action” but we encourage you to spend MORE time actually discussing the topic from the basic Key Pack Training. Yes, it is important to motivate your team and keep them believing, but as we discussed it is the ACTION they take that will make the difference for them. Remember, when we talked about BELIEVING that when you flip the switch the light will come on? Teaching your team and sharing your testimonials of how they will work in their businesses is like teaching the child about the light switch. As you share your experiences of how a simple 2¢ sticker impacted your business they will begin to believe as well. As they BELIEVE, then they will DO! As you discuss the different techniques and concepts we offer, share your direct knowledge of their impact (or share some of the testimonials from our website.) WE KNOW IT WORKS based on the thousands of customers who have taken the time to let us know of the impact. Your team needs to believe it so they will come to KNOW it too!

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

Meeting invitation reads:  We will discuss all this as we meet, We’re saving you a seat!
“Dreams in Action” is our theme
& You’re an important part of our team!
Please plan to be there… because we care!

CLICK HERE To see ALL the products mentioned in this training CATEGORY


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T9-09 Holiday or Christmas Gifts from The Booster!

Holiday Gifts to Boost your Business

Gift a gift that gives back to boost your businesses

The Holidays and Christmas are quickly approaching and we have some fabulous ideas for Christmas Gifts for your team, friends in the business, upline or even sideline. 

But, why is giving Booster Products as Christmas Gifts such a good idea?

Well, of course WE recommend it because it is good for US! But better yet… it is GOOD FOR YOU!   Here’s a few reasons why:

1- When you get a gift, aren’t you excited to get it out and use it?  Most people are and when you give Booster products to your team as a gift, they get back to work quicker in order to use it!

2- When you give Booster products it is a gift that gives a return many times over.  It doesn’t just save them money (if they were to purchase the products for themselves) but as they USE the products, they MAKE more money!

3- When they receive Booster products as a gift from you, it lets them know you are interested in helping them be more successful!

4- Your team members will be excited to try some new things and this will get them excited for the new year.

5- Whether you need gifts for your team, upline, crossline or friends in the business we have LOTS of ideas!  Since Booster products have proven to give such a HUGE return on your investment your gift is a far greater value than what you are spending.

6- Some of our gifts even come all “gift-wrapped” and ready to go so it is simple and easy for you! 

7- NO SALES TAX unless you live in Utah!  That saves you an additional percentage over buy products locally!

8-For those of you who have long-distance teams, most of these packs are easily mailed!  Most will fit in a Priority Mail Envelope!  One more thing to make it easy.  Or, we offer “Gift Cards” that can be mailed in a card.  Or, if you would like us to email them, just CALL our office at 800-553-6692 for information.

9- Flat Rate Shipping!  No matter the size of your order- our shipping is only $5.15!  That is a great deal.  Plus if you order TWICE between Nov 20th and Dec 14th, 2012 you’ll receive a voucher for FREE SHIPPING on an order in January!  This way you can really take advantage of the Door Crashers and spread out your Christmas Shopping a little.  (You’ll need to add the “Free Shipping Voucher” to your cart beginning November 25th, 2012.  You’ll be able to find it in the Idea of the Week Category.)

Now here are some suggested “Packs” and items and who to give them to…..

A: K-CGift Pack- Each of these packs are a $15+ Value for only $3.77 each!  That’s over 75%off! (For this value, you must buy in sets of 3)  This year’s pack includes a delightful “Plaque” that is a gift in itself along with a great selection of stickers to get started.  Each of these packs come gift wrapped too!  They each include a $5 Booster Gift Card and here is a way you can DOUBLE that value!  Once you’ve given them their gift, go to our website and LOGIN and then click on REFERRAL PROGRAM.  You’ll be able to enter their information and EACH of them will receive a $5 Voucher they can use on their order.  (As long as they are a NEW customer!)  Better yet, YOU can earn the money back that you paid for the gift because as THEY place an order (using their $5.00 gift card PLUS their $5.00 Voucher) YOU will receive a $5.00 Voucher you can use on another order!  Wow… talk about a WIN… WIN… WIN situation!  Now, you may ask WHY do we offer this… because we KNOW as your team members begin to use our products they will see a difference in their business.  The more they use, the more success they will have (and when they are successful, you are too!)

B:  You can add even MORE Stickers and products to their gift if you choose by adding stickers from the “Case-LOT Sale” or our “Door Crashers!”  Case-Lot stickers are only 83¢ per sheet!  You can use them in their gifts, or even to fill your prize basket for the coming year.  Quantities at this price are limited so get them while you can!  Door Crashers change each week!

C- Giving Booster items such as the K-Motivation Pack to team members who are building a team will give them some fun things to encourage their team members.

D- Giving Booster items such as those in the K-Recognition Pack to your upline saves them time and energy looking for products to use for those on their team.  They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and it makes it easier for them to praise and recognize their team.

E- Many people love reference books.  The K-Connections Count Pack includes a great book as well as the products to help them set themselves apart!

F- The K-Guest Pack is perfect for a friend in the business to help them get organized for their parties in the New Year!  It includes a great selection of products and they will be empowered to get things going!

G- The K-Recruit $ Pack gives EVERYONE and ANYONE simple tools to get their name out there and recruit!  Simple and easy suggestions!

H- So many people tell us how they love our FOLDERS!  The K-Folders Pack is the perfect gift to help anyone be organized to start their parties for the new year.

I- Delightful Motivational or Recognition Hand Crafted Plaques make delightful gifts for every team member!  See “HC1055 — Great People do Great things… You’re Great,” “HC1056 — Reach for the Stars” or “HC1057 — Success is only a phone call away!”

Remember, YOUR Success and the Success of your team and friends is our goal!  Booster products have PROVEN to help over 1 million consultants to be more successful!  We would LOVE to add YOUR TEAM members to the list!  It is unbelievable to many how a 2¢ sticker can have such an impact on their businesses but if you are in doubt, read some of the testimonials on our website.  Better yet, use this opportunity to try it for yourself.  Track the results for yourself.  Start the new year by doing what we teach and see how it impacts your business!  I know you’ll be impressed and excited by the results!

To go to the Case Lot Sale Click: http://www.thebooster.com/317-case-lot-sale

 To go to the T9-09 Christmas Gift Training Category Click: http://www.thebooster.com/327-t9-9-holiday-christmas-gifts

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16-LMP — Knowing-Doing- Dreams in Action Motivation & Meeting Plan


Dreams in Action- The more ACTION you take the more PROGRESS you make!

Knowing It and Doing It are two different things!

You’ve heard the saying “KNOWING is half the battle.”
Well, DOING is the other half.  Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.
Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to
EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what
many people lack in this business.

I’ve created a short AUDIO training that goes with this idea!  You can download and listen on your computer or even save it to your ipod and play it at your meeting.


You’ve heard the saying “KNOWING is half the battle.”  Well, DOING is the other half.  Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.  It takes time and study to know your products and their benefits, to learn how to deal with people, to learn the art of selling, and to learn the business skills necessary to keep things running smoothly.  Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what many people lack in this business.
“The essence of knowledge is, having it, to use it.”
— Confucius

“Intelligence without ambition is
a bird without wings.”
— C. Archie Danielson

  Note to Leaders:  As you begin this training, give everyone the “Knowing It” sticker (PR70104) to put in their notes.

Shamra, our office manager had two small children.  Wyatt was 3 years old and Sierra was 10 months old.  She had been trying to teach Sierra how to say words like “Bah Bah” when she wants a bottle, or the other basics like “Ma Ma” and “Da Da”.  Then, one day her son, Wyatt, said “I need some Wah Wah.”  She was shocked that he said “Wah Wah” instead of water.  “He knows better than that, he knows how to say water,” she thought.  If Sierra had said it, on the other hand, she would have cheered her on and called Grandma.  What was the difference?  Her 3 year old had more knowledge and experience than her 10 month old, so she knew he could do better and expected more.  We should expect more of ourselves too.  If we have the knowledge, we should do our best to be successful.
Just as we learned to talk and walk by taking “baby steps,” we must learn to work our businesses by taking baby steps.  But, once we know how to do something we need to keep doing it, and not get lazy.  It does no good to study how people walk if we don’t ever stand up and put one foot in front of the other to get ourselves going somewhere.

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.”
— David Star Jordan 1st President Stanford University

 Once we have the knowledge base of how to do something, we should have no excuse.  However, we still tend to make excuses.  What are some of the reasons for not working our businesses?  We get side-tracked, we don’t make work a priority, we don’t value the importance of doing daily tasks, we don’t think that we can, the system doesn’t work for us, etc.
We all need to practice being ambitious when it comes to our businesses.  It is easy to stay busy at a job where you have specific tasks to accomplish each day and a supervisor is constantly checking to see that you’ve done your work.  Think of your home job the same way.  Remember that you do have daily tasks to complete besides preparing for parties and doing your demonstrations.  For example, you could get sale flyers ready to mail out, call customers to tell them about specials, call hosts to see if they are doing their part, following up with recruit leads, etc.  The more you work, the more money you will make.
When you work at home, you might not have a manager looking over your shoulder, but most of you still have managers or leaders you report to.  Use this as a motivation.  Wouldn’t you love to give her a great report at your next meeting? Have a plan and put it into action.  Create a daily , weekly, or monthly schedule to work your business.  Create systems that will help make your job easier.  Be accountable!  Announce your goals to your family and encourage them to ask you about it.  Make yourself a checklist or whatever you need to do so you will DO IT!

Brainstorm with your group about what schedules or systems they have that work.  Pass out a Customer Care Card (V4124) and instructions to each team member. We talked about these a little in the Key4A training.  A detailed system is available to read and copy from our website and included in each package.  You can print it off or copy it and give it to your team.  It has great ideas about how to enter the info you gather from these cards into your computer so you can easily search for birthdays, print mailing labels or call lists, and keep in touch.  The training on the website also describes an easy system for those who don’t have a computer.  Just search for V4124 (Customer Care Cards), or find them in the variety department.  Click VIEW then DOWNLOAD TAB, for the instructions.  Download our FREE Excel Spreadsheet from our website and have someone that is into computers bring a laptop and SHOW everyone how to use EXCEL, sort a spreadsheet, etc.  Discuss the benefits of sending Birthday, Welcome, and Keeping in Touch cards.

 Business Basics:   
While you are sharing ideas about creating a system such as the Customer Care Cards, integrate the Key 4C- Prepare Catalogs training.  This is yet another example of knowing it and doing it.  One of the basics you learn when you take classes on how to increase your sales is to make customers aware of your products and the benefits they offer to your customers.  Encourage a discussion with your team about the principles discusses in the Key 4C training.
This meeting theme can actually be used to give an overview of all the steps to success.  Use the SSS4 Party on a Sheet to review the basic steps.

If you really want to create an awareness of how DOING some of the concepts we teach can impact your business and how much MONEY you can make, play the V1011 – DO IT Concentration Game. (It was originally designed to go along with the “Sell More Make More” Leadership Training and went along with the Key4B Key Pack Training, but it works very effectively with this meeting as well.  The PDF of the game is available for minimal cost for Key pack Club members, but we also have it available all printed out and ready to go.  Search for V1011.  I’ve also created FREE AUDIO training to go with it.  You can access the LINK by clicking VIEW on the  V1011 item.  See V1011PDF or V1011GAME.
Playing this game will reinforce that
DOING the techniques really pays off.

“Without ambition one starts nothing.
Without work one finishes nothing.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Ambition and love are the wings to great deeds.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
After playing the game, ask them to write down some of their goals on the  “Knowing It and Doing It” postcard. Have them take the card home, transfer the goals onto their “Make a Difference” Erase Board and mail it back to you to be entered into your drawings.  Then, at the next meeting, pull those cards and ask them how they are doing.

     Your Dreams are tied to action.   When you DO what you know you should, you’ll create a change in your business.  How much money you make is in direct relationship to what YOU DO and how much effort you put in.  This “job” can provide you with an unlimited power to create your own income!
That’s where YOU ARE!  Your  business provides you with that POWER!  YOU are in charge!  You can make what YOU want based upon YOUR efforts!  The POWER is IN YOU!  You must remember that the more action you take the more progress you make!  I hope you are CONSTANTLY learning to perfect your skill, that you are CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY moving toward your goals.  I hope you’ve got what it takes to “turn setbacks into comebacks!” and that you are willing to DO THE WORK necessary to become even more successful.
Now, we all recognize that we’ve gone through a really rough patch in the economy for the last few years.  Some have dropped out, some have decided that it just isn’t worth it to do a show when it is only $250 instead of the normal $500 is was before this recession.  I hope that isn’t you.  I hope YOU realize that you need to stay in the game.  In fact as the Disney movie states, you have to “keep your head in the game!”
Those of you who are going out and having parties even though it is hard are on the right track.  You may not be making as much as you were, but you are POSITIONING yourself to be at the head of the pack when things break loose!  You will be the one that has met hundreds of new people who will become your customers once things get going.  You are the ones who have been taking care of your customers even though their orders may have been small.  You are the ones who have generated names and recruit leads.  You are the ones who are leading the way and will be the leaders of tomorrow!  I applaud you!  I applaud your attitude!
Give everyone a “Success” Bookmark.  Read the quotes and discuss them.  If you’ve been discouraged all is not lost!  Dust off your work boots and get out there!  Make contacts!  Get involved in the community!  Meet people!  Put yourself out there to make the most of opportunities that come your way!  “You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it!”
As I mentioned, we are all in this together.  There are things we can be doing to make things better.  Here’s a few ideas:
— Get involved in your community
— If you have a secure job, and money- spend it!  Don’t go in debt and don’t spend money you don’t have, but quit holding back!  Remember the example of what happens when an order is placed?  The same happens in reverse as we hold back- that is why the economy is shrinking.  Your dollar has POWER in the lives of others, use that power!
— Have faith and confidence in the people in our country!   Entrepreneurs and small business owners are going to turn this economy around.  You are a small business owner!  Work it!  Get out there and SHOW WHAT YOU HAVE!
— Do YOUR part!  Don’t wait for government to do it for you!  There is no satisfaction or self-esteem gained when others do it for you.  Have the guts to go out and make it for yourself!  (Remember, no guts no glory!)  Help your team to do it too!
— Rise up over discouragement!  Keep a positive attitude.  Stand up for what you believe!  Be proactive not inactive!  Have CONFIDENCE in yourself!
—     Have faith, courage, and conviction that YOU can make a difference!

 Follow-up & Motivation:
Follow up several times a month with your team.  Create a plan of what you will do each week to continue to inspire and motivate them. Here are some ideas to remind them to work with their family toward their goals!

1.  Send them the Dreams in Action (PP70739C or  “You’re a Star… reaching for the stars” Postcard (PP82220C) with the “Knowing it” sticker on the front and ask them how they are DOING!
2.  Use the “Take the Steps to Success.” stickers to stir up their ambition in your newsletter reminding them of what they should be doing.
3.  Call them and ask them if DOING parties is helping them  to get more money, recruits, and even more bookings.
4.  Use the stickers on correspondence you send during the month to remind them of the theme and to encourage them.

Challenge your team to prepare for success and put into practice the steps.  To DO what they’ve set their goals to do.  Create challenges based on your company and what you’ve been discussing at your meetings.
Be sure to recognize the achievements of your team.  Recognize the DOING and the results of DOING.  Come up with challenges and then recognition that ALL can achieve not just those at the top.  Have a basket of Booster products they can choose from as they are recognized for their achievements.


Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.
Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to
EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what
many people lack in this business.

You can purchase the entire PDF with graphics of this training or all the products mentioned from our website. 
Please click: http://www.thebooster.com/467-lmp-16-knowing-it-doing-it-leadership-meeting-plan

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