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13131- PI S’more Party

13131-PI-PDF — Camping – S’more Party Idea Information

The concept is to book either “in home”
or “catalog” parties during the summer or fall.
This is a fun idea to encourage customers to book “Camping or S’more”
theme party. These parties are especially fun where you can hold
them outdoors — for some parts of the country, this would be
summer or fall, for others, they could be held all year long.

So, how do you do it? What is entailed?

First, develop what you want to include in your “theme”. This is
really an easy one. It is all about S’mores! This can be done as
simply as you do when you are up camping with marshmallows,
(ready to be roasted) graham crackers and chocolate!
(Or you could use chocolate covered graham crackers!)

For the fire, you could use a campfire- either at a campsite,
in your backyard, or at a picnic place in a park where they allow fires.
If you don’t have one for your campsite, you could use one of those
portable fire circles. (Of course you’ll need kindling, wood, matches, etc.)
Now, you could also use those cans of ‘sterno’ for the flame, or even
a gas BBQ. (See the picture in the PDF)

Be sure to have some wet wipes handy for cleaning up and bottled
water works great to wash down the sweetness. You will need sticks
for roasting too!

You don’t need to do much else, as outdoors is a theme of its own.
But I did see this picture that I thought was pretty cool. White balloons
hung from a tree. (Put a marble in them before you blow them up!)
Just tie them to the tree with white ribbon. Another thing you can
do with the balloons is put a discount or gift (written on a piece of paper)
inside the balloon before you blow it up. Then, let your customers know
that if they book a party they get to pop a balloon and see what they get!
(Kind of a Book to Look concept.)

KPI-13131-ST Starter PackGet the S’more Party Starter Pack!

This pack (KPI-13131-ST) includes SAMPLES of the products
we’ve developed. You get:
1—HC13131B — S’more Party TOPPER & BAG
1—HC13131A — S’more Party CURVEY Candy Holder
DS13131 — Camping – S’more DISPLAY SIGN
1—B13131 — S’more BUTTON
1— CBW13131L — Camping – S’more THANK YOU
1— LH13131 S’more LETTERHEAD
1—PP13131ACT – S’more get Hosts w-TEXT POSTCARDS
1— PP13131BCT – S’more Invitation w-TEXT POSTCARDS
4— S13131B -wp- Have Camping – S’more STICKERS
6— S13131C – S’more Invitation STICKERS
PLUS Printout of this training.

We also have a DELUXE Pack!

KPI-13131-DX DELUXE Starter PackSave even more with

Book Camping – S’more Parties

Invite guests at parties (or those you meet at events) to host a “S’more” Party!
Put some of the “Smore” bags (HC13131B-6) all ready filled with your
catalogs, flyers, “S’more” party ideas, order forms, invitations, etc.
so they can take the bag home with them and get started right away.
This is a great way to encourage bookings from those who say they are
just too busy with camping and other family activities during the summer
to do a regular party. They can even use this as a way to meet new people
while camping — invite them over for S’mores! However, you can also do
these as a regular party where you come and do the demonstration.
It is up to them!

Get started ADVERTISING your “S’more Parties!”

Put the “Let’s roast mallows”
(S13131B) sticker on your catalogs.
Use the “Camping – S’more get Hosts ” Postcards (PP13131ACT)
to encourage previous hosts and customers to have a party.
You can use the blank card to print your own information, or use
the care that comes with TEXT and all you do is add your info.
We can also personalize BOTH.
Other ways we’ve provided for you to advertise include Display Signs
(3 sizes) you can put in your display, or a book of theme parties you offer.
We also have a Button to wear or put in your display.

The TEXT on the cards says it all:

I was thinking about you (knowing you love our products) and
I thought you would be interested
in having an event with your friends.
I have this great “Theme” party idea where we can invite your
friends to an “outside”
event. You could hold it in your backyard, at a park, or even while camping!
(You could even use it to make new friends while camping!)
I can do it as a regular party where I come an do a demonstration,
OR, you can do it as a “Catalog Party!” Contact me for more details or
other “theme” parties I have for this summer!

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies and
put into your Host Packets.

The GUEST LIST TRACKER included in the PDF is for each of the hosts to
keep track of WHO they’ve given catalogs to. This makes it easy for
them to follow up and get the orders.

The Camping- S’more GUEST LIST included in the PDF
is for hosts to get filled out by people who are looking at the catalogs
at their party or in a group situation (like the people they meet while
camping) where everyone looking at the catalogs fills in their info
which gives them chances to win a prize!

Encourage additional sales & bookings:

Summer is actually the kickoff of shopping for the Christmas
Season (plus upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
So we include the “Holiday Gift List” to give to guests. You could
make a “Gift Ideas” flyer too. You may want to include some extras
in the host pack so they can put new ones into catalogs that they
pass on to someone else.

This will also help you get more names of people to add to your data base.
With this idea of those “camping” to have a party, they will meet GUYS!
Provide “Wish Lists for the gals to fill out and encourage the guys to
purchase what is on their GAL’s Wish List for future holidays like Christmas,
Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, etc.

This could mean even MORE host gifts at future parties they will have!

Send invitations!

When you actually MAIL invitations, it makes the event special, not just something
casual, but something to put on their calendars.

To make it easy on YOU and your hosts we’ve made up an invitation for
you to include in your sack. (PP13131BC or PP13131BCT) We recommend
you put 24 in each sack so they can over invite.

We also offer the Postcards or letterhead invitations so you can print
the information yourself or all ready to go and they just need to fill in
their information.

This is the TEXT on the invitations:

Come enjoy a night out! It will be s’more fun with you there!
I’m having a party and you are invited! I hope you will come!
We will have lots of s’mores..
S’more laughs, s’more memories, s’more learning & s’more fun!
Then lines for date, time, place, product, consultant info, host signature
and RSVP info.
Hosts ____ Date/Time _____ Place _____ Please RSVP to ______

Use this sticker S13131C on the front of the postcard invitations
to get their attention. (You can even use your regular company postcards.)

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies

and put into your Host Packets.

The HOLIDAY GIFT LIST included in the PDF is to be included in each
catalog to help the guests create their list of who they need to buy for and
then a place is provided for which of your products to get for those people.
Using this helps to get them thinking and buying!

FOLLOW UP with your “S’more Party!” hosts:

This is SO IMPORTANT, so here’s a few suggestions:

A. Because you want to let guests know when to expect their orders
you need to have a FIRM close date. Let them know that their orders
MUST be turned in and paid for by a decided upon date !

B. Keep in touch by phone or text. You could create a Facebook Group
for all your S’more Hosts. They could share where they went camping, etc.

C. Give Hosts (or customers you would like to recruit at the party the
CBW13131L Candy Bar Wrappers (around a Hershey’s Bar!)

See more ideas to promote Christmas under FREE TRAINING > T9-Seasonal

We now offer a way for you to send postcards, advertise, etc. Digitally!

To advertise to previous hosts, we offer HIGH RESOLUTION Postcards you
can download, use as the background of your WORD document, type your
info then PRINT onto cardstock and cut apart.

For your invitations, you can download the LETTERHEAD or POSTCARDS
and use them as the background of your WORD document. Then just
type you info and PRINT!

We also offer stickers you can post to Facebook or text or message
to previous hosts. This makes it EASY for you to get the word out!

Be sure to check out our other “Party Ideas”!
You’ll find them online at

Then Click on the FREE Party Ideas CATEGORY
Then they are divided into GENERAL,

We are CONSTANTLY developing NEW and exciting Party Ideas to
help you keep your calendar full!

Remember, we do all the work creating the products, all you need to
do is present it!

All information and graphics in this training are under a
Graphics and Intellectual property Copyright © 2017 JB –  435-245-6088
This is a purchased training.
Please honor our copyrights and DO NOT copy.

13131-PI-PDF -- Camping - S'more  Party Idea Information Order this item to get the PDF with graphics in the instruction as well
as all the additional pages as mentioned above.

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