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Our products have MOVED!  www.TheBooster.com now goes here to our BLOG.  Our products are on an ETSY store at www.ETSY.com.  You can search for TheBooster or go directly to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBoosterJennyB

Currently, a limited amount of products (some of the most popular) are on the ETSY store, but I will gradually be adding more.  Mark our shop as one of your favorites and I think you’ll get emails as I post new products. 

Feel free to contact us by PHONE- but our numbers have changed – unfortunately the 800 number we had for almost 40 years was disconnected.  However you MAY REACH our OFFICE at 435-245-6088.
This number is NOT on any of our literature so please make note of it.

Speaking of emails.  If you want to receive our emails, please subscribe to our NEW email server:

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Welcome, I’m Jenny B

Hi, I'm Jenny B, Welcome to The Booster

Hi, I’m Jenny B, Welcome to The Booster

Hello!  I’d like to welcome you to the official BLOG for “The Booster – Jenny B”

This year (2019) we are celebrating 38 years of helping people like you, who are in the Party Plan or Direct Sales Professions to Boost Your Businesses!  We have helped over ONE MILLION consultants and the most common testimonial we receive is,  “I am absolutely AMAZED what a 2¢ sticker can do for my business!”

As I post different training in this blog I’ll be referring to a few of the HUNDREDS of testimonials from our customers.  You are more than welcome to add YOURS to the list by commenting on this blog.  We all LOVE hearing YOUR success stories.

Now, please let me take just a minute and tell you what The Booster is all about.

During our 38 years in business we have developed over 2000 products which are “The “little things” that make a BIG difference to your business!”

My business concepts come from my grandfather who during the depression years had a nanny, gardener, housekeeper and whoever else he could hire to give people jobs. You see, he said, “Sales is King!” in that those in sales are really what makes the economy go around. He, who had come to America before WW1 with only a few dollars in his pocket eventually became a salesman and developed one of the top vacuum cleaner sales organizations in the United States.

He built that business based on two principles:
1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.
2. Sell the sizzle not the steak! (Which means to share with your customers WHY they need your products and how they will impact their lives.

In 1981, after being top sales in the state of Utah in a party plan company I had joined, I had an opportunity and filled a need to offer products to those in the party plan/direct sales industry that make it easy to apply my grandfathers’ principles. These products have proven to help hundreds of thousands of our customers to Boost their Businesses

The Booster offers stickers, postcards, buttons and more that are developed especially for you. We offer products to help you do the things the “BIG” companies do, yet personalize them for your small company (within your big company.)

In 1996 we divided our products into the “Key Areas of your Business” to help you to focus and be more successful in each of those areas. As you browse through our website and this blog you will find the products and training are divided by those keys. We call them the “Keys to Success!”  See if this doesn’t sound like what you want to have happen in your business (in a nutshell):

Key 1: Get Bookings Booming
Key 2: Have Happy Hosts
Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
Key 4: Get Sales Soaring
Key 5: Have Committed Customers
Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
Key 7: Motivate & Inspire
Key 8: Recognize & Reward
Key 9: Have Seasonal Success!

Then, in order to help you apply each of those keys to EVERY party/show we developed the “10 Steps to Successful Parties System.” This system helps you to integrate each KEY into every party or show to become as successful as you can be.  Our “Success System Dividers” V1003 offer this training and help you get organized.

And, YES, we offer you products to purchase to implement the ideas we teach. It is so much more effective to spend a few pennies to encourage people to attend your parties than the cost of only a few attending. We offer the TOOLS you can use to build your business. If you were trying to build a house, would you want to do it without hammer and nails? Would you rather use a hand screw driver or an electric one? Booster products make that kind of an impact that power tools make to the carpenter! Read some of the testimonials and reviews of products on our website.

Our products are now listed in our shop on ETSY.   You can click the SHOP FOR BOOSTER PRODUCTS link at the top of the BLOG or the direct link is


TheBooster.com  now goes to this blog.

We have divided The Booster products on the ETSY site by the KEY they are designed to help you with.  Obviously, some products are effective in multiple keys of your business but they will only be shown in 1 category or KEY.  This is the FIRST number of the item as well.

Click on any of the products in the KEYS/CATEGORIES.  Click the different categories HERE in the BLOG for simple training about using stickers on your invitations to boost your attendance, bookings and recruit leads!  Each of our Blogs will link to KEYS/CATEGORIES of products on our website to make it easy for you to apply the principles we teach.

We keep our prices so affordable you can’t afford to NOT use our products!

So, welcome to The Booster! Please, check back often for all kinds of training to Boost your Business.  Soon there will be Audios and Videos to go along with many of the posts.  With this training you will learn how to use these tools to build a thriving business. Browse through the products and think about how they can impact your business.

Sincerely, Jenny B

We are gradually getting items up on the ETSY site.  If something you want is not there, you can call us at 435-245-6088 and leave a message if we are not available.  You can then place an order by phone.  Note:  the 800 number we had for years is no longer working.  Please make note of the 435-245-6088 number.  Thanks!

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Camping- S’more Theme Party Idea!

13131- PI S’more Party

13131-PI-PDF — Camping – S’more Party Idea Information

The concept is to book either “in home”
or “catalog” parties during the summer or fall.
This is a fun idea to encourage customers to book “Camping or S’more”
theme party. These parties are especially fun where you can hold
them outdoors — for some parts of the country, this would be
summer or fall, for others, they could be held all year long.

So, how do you do it? What is entailed?

First, develop what you want to include in your “theme”. This is
really an easy one. It is all about S’mores! This can be done as
simply as you do when you are up camping with marshmallows,
(ready to be roasted) graham crackers and chocolate!
(Or you could use chocolate covered graham crackers!)

For the fire, you could use a campfire- either at a campsite,
in your backyard, or at a picnic place in a park where they allow fires.
If you don’t have one for your campsite, you could use one of those
portable fire circles. (Of course you’ll need kindling, wood, matches, etc.)
Now, you could also use those cans of ‘sterno’ for the flame, or even
a gas BBQ. (See the picture in the PDF)

Be sure to have some wet wipes handy for cleaning up and bottled
water works great to wash down the sweetness. You will need sticks
for roasting too!

You don’t need to do much else, as outdoors is a theme of its own.
But I did see this picture that I thought was pretty cool. White balloons
hung from a tree. (Put a marble in them before you blow them up!)
Just tie them to the tree with white ribbon. Another thing you can
do with the balloons is put a discount or gift (written on a piece of paper)
inside the balloon before you blow it up. Then, let your customers know
that if they book a party they get to pop a balloon and see what they get!
(Kind of a Book to Look concept.)

KPI-13131-ST Starter PackGet the S’more Party Starter Pack!

This pack (KPI-13131-ST) includes SAMPLES of the products
we’ve developed. You get:
1—HC13131B — S’more Party TOPPER & BAG
1—HC13131A — S’more Party CURVEY Candy Holder
DS13131 — Camping – S’more DISPLAY SIGN
1—B13131 — S’more BUTTON
1— CBW13131L — Camping – S’more THANK YOU
1— LH13131 S’more LETTERHEAD
1—PP13131ACT – S’more get Hosts w-TEXT POSTCARDS
1— PP13131BCT – S’more Invitation w-TEXT POSTCARDS
4— S13131B -wp- Have Camping – S’more STICKERS
6— S13131C – S’more Invitation STICKERS
PLUS Printout of this training.

We also have a DELUXE Pack!

KPI-13131-DX DELUXE Starter PackSave even more with

Book Camping – S’more Parties

Invite guests at parties (or those you meet at events) to host a “S’more” Party!
Put some of the “Smore” bags (HC13131B-6) all ready filled with your
catalogs, flyers, “S’more” party ideas, order forms, invitations, etc.
so they can take the bag home with them and get started right away.
This is a great way to encourage bookings from those who say they are
just too busy with camping and other family activities during the summer
to do a regular party. They can even use this as a way to meet new people
while camping — invite them over for S’mores! However, you can also do
these as a regular party where you come and do the demonstration.
It is up to them!

Get started ADVERTISING your “S’more Parties!”

Put the “Let’s roast mallows”
(S13131B) sticker on your catalogs.
Use the “Camping – S’more get Hosts ” Postcards (PP13131ACT)
to encourage previous hosts and customers to have a party.
You can use the blank card to print your own information, or use
the care that comes with TEXT and all you do is add your info.
We can also personalize BOTH.
Other ways we’ve provided for you to advertise include Display Signs
(3 sizes) you can put in your display, or a book of theme parties you offer.
We also have a Button to wear or put in your display.

The TEXT on the cards says it all:

I was thinking about you (knowing you love our products) and
I thought you would be interested
in having an event with your friends.
I have this great “Theme” party idea where we can invite your
friends to an “outside”
event. You could hold it in your backyard, at a park, or even while camping!
(You could even use it to make new friends while camping!)
I can do it as a regular party where I come an do a demonstration,
OR, you can do it as a “Catalog Party!” Contact me for more details or
other “theme” parties I have for this summer!

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies and
put into your Host Packets.

The GUEST LIST TRACKER included in the PDF is for each of the hosts to
keep track of WHO they’ve given catalogs to. This makes it easy for
them to follow up and get the orders.

The Camping- S’more GUEST LIST included in the PDF
is for hosts to get filled out by people who are looking at the catalogs
at their party or in a group situation (like the people they meet while
camping) where everyone looking at the catalogs fills in their info
which gives them chances to win a prize!

Encourage additional sales & bookings:

Summer is actually the kickoff of shopping for the Christmas
Season (plus upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
So we include the “Holiday Gift List” to give to guests. You could
make a “Gift Ideas” flyer too. You may want to include some extras
in the host pack so they can put new ones into catalogs that they
pass on to someone else.

This will also help you get more names of people to add to your data base.
With this idea of those “camping” to have a party, they will meet GUYS!
Provide “Wish Lists for the gals to fill out and encourage the guys to
purchase what is on their GAL’s Wish List for future holidays like Christmas,
Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, etc.

This could mean even MORE host gifts at future parties they will have!

Send invitations!

When you actually MAIL invitations, it makes the event special, not just something
casual, but something to put on their calendars.

To make it easy on YOU and your hosts we’ve made up an invitation for
you to include in your sack. (PP13131BC or PP13131BCT) We recommend
you put 24 in each sack so they can over invite.

We also offer the Postcards or letterhead invitations so you can print
the information yourself or all ready to go and they just need to fill in
their information.

This is the TEXT on the invitations:

Come enjoy a night out! It will be s’more fun with you there!
I’m having a party and you are invited! I hope you will come!
We will have lots of s’mores..
S’more laughs, s’more memories, s’more learning & s’more fun!
Then lines for date, time, place, product, consultant info, host signature
and RSVP info.
Hosts ____ Date/Time _____ Place _____ Please RSVP to ______

Use this sticker S13131C on the front of the postcard invitations
to get their attention. (You can even use your regular company postcards.)

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies

and put into your Host Packets.

The HOLIDAY GIFT LIST included in the PDF is to be included in each
catalog to help the guests create their list of who they need to buy for and
then a place is provided for which of your products to get for those people.
Using this helps to get them thinking and buying!

FOLLOW UP with your “S’more Party!” hosts:

This is SO IMPORTANT, so here’s a few suggestions:

A. Because you want to let guests know when to expect their orders
you need to have a FIRM close date. Let them know that their orders
MUST be turned in and paid for by a decided upon date !

B. Keep in touch by phone or text. You could create a Facebook Group
for all your S’more Hosts. They could share where they went camping, etc.

C. Give Hosts (or customers you would like to recruit at the party the
CBW13131L Candy Bar Wrappers (around a Hershey’s Bar!)

See more ideas to promote Christmas under FREE TRAINING > T9-Seasonal

We now offer a way for you to send postcards, advertise, etc. Digitally!

To advertise to previous hosts, we offer HIGH RESOLUTION Postcards you
can download, use as the background of your WORD document, type your
info then PRINT onto cardstock and cut apart.

For your invitations, you can download the LETTERHEAD or POSTCARDS
and use them as the background of your WORD document. Then just
type you info and PRINT!

We also offer stickers you can post to Facebook or text or message
to previous hosts. This makes it EASY for you to get the word out!

Be sure to check out our other “Party Ideas”!
You’ll find them online at www.TheBooster.com

Then Click on the FREE Party Ideas CATEGORY
Then they are divided into GENERAL,

We are CONSTANTLY developing NEW and exciting Party Ideas to
help you keep your calendar full!

Remember, we do all the work creating the products, all you need to
do is present it!

All information and graphics in this training are under a
Graphics and Intellectual property Copyright © 2017 JB
www.TheBooster.com –  435-245-6088
This is a purchased training.
Please honor our copyrights and DO NOT copy.

13131-PI-PDF -- Camping - S'more  Party Idea Information Order this item to get the PDF with graphics in the instruction as well
as all the additional pages as mentioned above.

See ALL the products discussed in this training by clicking

PI-13131 Camping- S’more Parties CATEGORY

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Key 2B- Prepare for Bookings by Preparing Host Packets

Extended Training: Key2B: Prepare Host Packets!
Our Basic training in the “$1000 Party System PACK” SYSTEM gives you the basic information on Key2B- Preparing your host packets.  This repeats some of that training, but goes into greater detail and includes additional products.

Key2B-Prepare Host Packets

Create eye-catching, informative host packets to engage your hosts

We recommend you have “Host Packets” prepared and ready to give to your new hosts.

WHY?  By being prepared physically we become prepared mentally (and vice versa)  Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  By having the host folders prepared your subconscious mind knows you are serious and ready to go.

By giving each person who books a party a “Host Packet”  it helps to get them excited and informs them of what  they should do to make their party a success.  The packets will also help them keep all of their party information
organized and remind them of the benefits your company offers.

When you have your host packets prepared in advance and sitting at your demo (and check out) tables ready to give away, you are reminded to ask customers to book, and customers will see them and ask you what they are.  In your demo when you are saying some of your booking “one-liners” you can hold up a packet and say “Being a host really is easy.  When you book tonight I’ll give you one of these terrific folders which will tell you everything you need to know to earn the gifts you desire.  It even explains all the extra free goodies you can earn.”
As soon as a customer agrees to have a party, and together you set a date,  present her with a “Host Packet”.

TIP: Keep a few host packets in your car wherever you go!  You just never know who you will meet and when you are prepared you are much more excited to share. 

We suggest you put all your host information into The Booster’s bright, eye-catching Hostess Folders (V2670).  On the front of these 2-pocket folders is a basic checklist of the steps a host needs to take to “make [her] event a success.”  It also has motivational and recruiting slogans on the back to start planting seeds about joining your team!  You know, your best hosts often become your new team members.  Speed up the process with these folders!


Below, we’re going to give you a few suggestions of what to include in your host packets to get your hosts excited and encourage them to work hard so they can earn more gifts.  But first, let’s get you organized to not only make up the host packets, but to continue to make up the packets.
Create a file that has each of the things you put in your packets.  If they are things you print out, print out 25 or more and put each page in a different file folder.  Then gather up the other things you want to use and put them in file folders as well.  Put the stickers you may add to your host folders and/ envelopes in a folder as well.
When the time comes to put together the packets, pull out what is in each file an collate them all together.  Why not do all 25?  You may want to make some changes as time moves on and it’s a lot easier to put together a packet than to go through packets already put together and take something out or add something to it. So go ahead and put together 10.  This gives you a goal to shot for giving out the 10 packets to 10 new hosts in the next week!

TIP: Keep some sort of file organizer handy.  When it is time to collate what goes in your packs, pull the items from your files and put then in the organizer, put them together.  Or, you can just lay each item out on a table, pick up one of each item and criss-cross them.  Then put the stacks into your folders.


1. Items your COMPANY suggests:
Usually your company provides a worksheet of what the hosts can earn, what is required for her party to count for gifts, specifics to your product line.  If not, you’ll want to ask your upline or create them yourself.

2.  Include magnets with your contact info and the date and time of the party.

FRANK” sticker S20345BC

Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party with FRANK” sticker S20345BC-A

Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party wtih FRANK” sticker S20345BC-A, (Also available with the word “Show” S20345BC-B) then Mount  the Stickers on Magnets (MBC10). The MBC Magnets are Sticky and so is the Sticker.  We also have M10 White Magnets.
When you are going through the host packet with your new host, fill out her party date and suggest she put the magnet on her fridge when she gets home.   Suggest that when she sees the magnet, she ask herself the question, “What have done today to make sure I have a $1000 party?”  Suggest that when she is talking to a friend on the phone and sees the magnet that she reminds the friend to come and tell her that she is excited for the event.  Suggest she use the magnet as a reminder put a post on Facebook that she is excited for her party, or send a text to a friend.  Each little thing she does will have an impact on the party’s success. Tell her that if the magnet is still on her fridge when you come to do her party on the original date that she’ll receive an additional gift.
You can also, include the “Steps to Success” BOOKMARK (BM26700).  Put a sticker on the back with your contact information or write on them with a Sharpie type marker.  Suggest she put the bookmark in her day-planner, on her fridge or even in her car.

3.  Include a blank “Guest List” for your host to fill out.


2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF- Prepare for Bookings Originals to Copy PDF

Type up a guest list form with a place for the hosts name, phone number, party date, and party time at the top.  Then, have columns labeled Guest Name, Phone Number, and Address. (OR, order the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings for a PDF download of TWO guest lists you can copy (up to 42 guest names.)  This ITEM also includes other sheets for you to put in your host packets including a WISH LIST.  We will go into more details about them during this training.
Use the FRANK stickers on your host folders as a cute reminder.
(See S20345- there are several sizes available.)
Remind your hosts to invite FRANK!
Kids’ friends parents.
The bigger FRANK stickers are great because it reminds her to invite people that live in other neighborhoods.
Explain that she’ll want to invite plenty of people because it is typical to only have a percentage of those invited actually attend.  Use the “Over invite” sticker!” (S20905)

Included  in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download is the “40 Guests in 4 Minutes” Worksheet.  Include this in the pack to help your host develop a guest list that includes friends from lots of different areas of her life.  This can even be used as a game at your parties.  Have guests fill it out and give a prize for the person who got to 40 the fastest, or has the most names.   Then during your party, as you mention the benefits of hosting a party, refer to that 40 guest list and say, “And you have your guest list all ready!”

It is SO IMPORTANT to GET the GUEST LIST!  We go into WHY and what to do with the guest list in your Key2A Host Training (and it is explained in the $1000 Party System) but for now take my word for it and GET the GUEST LIST!  In a nutshell, it enables you to send the invitations out in plenty of time.  Also, it gives you the names, phone numbers and addresses of all of those people.  Then, if someone does not attend the party, you can still contact her.
So, to get the guest list, put the “Please return your guest list within ___ days to receive a free gift” sticker (S20302) on the guest list.  Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope in the pack.  Put the sticker on the envelope as well.  Getting the guest list back is so important to building your business.

(See HOW TO USE YOUR GUEST LIST under Key 2 TRAINING on our website.)

4.  Include catalogs and order forms
Whether your host has booked a catalog party or a traditional party, include catalogs and plenty of order forms so she can collect outside orders before and after the party date.  Talk to her about the importance of taking catalogs to friends who can’t attend.  Put the “Outside orders really add up” Large Sticker (S20397) on an instruction page in her host packet.  You could even put this on a magnet (cut in half) and ask her to put it on her fridge as a reminder.

IDEA:  (Booster customers have told me that this idea has made them THOUSANDS of extra dollars!)  Put the “Bring ___ in outside orders” (S43049) sticker on 5 catalogs in each hosts packet.  (Fill in the $ amount first.)  While showing your hosts what’s in the packet, you might say “Give these 5 catalogs to WORKING FRIENDS.  Ask them if they’ll please pass the catalogs around work.  Then, they can just bring the orders they get with them when they come to your party and I’ll give them a gift.”  When the friends DO bring “outside orders”, MAKE A BIG DEAL, thank them, give them a gift, and invite them to become a host so they can earn even more gifts.  Using this idea not only helps you increase your sales, it generates bookings too!

5.  Help your hosts set goals!
Create a “Wish List” your host can fill out of the things she wants to earn.  (Use the “Wish List PDF you can copy from the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings)  On your host “Wish List” sheet include the sticker “Book before the show… and watch your gifts grow” (S20017) and “Outside orders really add up” Large Sticker (shown above) (S20397) .  Remind her that if she gets bookings and orders before her show, both her and her friend can earn extra gifts.  When her friends tell her that they won’t be able to make it to the party, suggest for her to show them a catalog, share the benefits of having a party of their own and ask them to be a host.  You can even use , use the “10…5…2 or 3” large sticker (S24210) on a “Wish List” where your hosts can write the products she would like to earn for having the party.

Let your hosts know what you expect by giving her some goals to shoot for.  You can print your own information on our PRINTABLE “10-5-2 or 3” POSTCARDS (PP24211C or PP24210C) or use the already typed ones we offer. (Same item numbers with a T at the end for TEXT!)
These will inform your host that when she has 10 guests attend the party, gets 5 outside orders, and 2 or 3 bookings is means success!
Use the “Ensure Success” sticker (S20948) on your literature to encourage the 15-20 guests!

6.  Offer additional incentives!  

Host Bingo Cards to copy

BINGO CARDS –Included in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download are TWO “HOST Bingo for Success” sheets.

BINGO CARDS –Included  in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download are TWO “HOST Bingo for Success” sheets.   Some have called this the “silver bullet” to a $1000 party because as the host does all the things on the bingo game, she is insuring a successful party.  There are TWO versions.  You can use the one where WE have filled in the squares and all you have to do is fill in the gifts they will earn and your contact info.  Or, you can use the BLANK BOXES original to put what YOU want in each box and add the gifts and your contact info.  Then, just make copies and cut in half.  You may want to copy these on bright paper so it stands out.

Include a Preferred Hostess Card or a Preferred Customer Card
Encourage hosts to be part of your Preferred Hostess Club so they’ll earn extra gifts by working on their party.  Put the card in one of the slots inside the front or back pockets of the Host folder and explain it to them when they book.  Include a sheet explaining your program.
The joy of the Preferred Hostess and Preferred Customer Programs is that you can make them to be anything you want!  Each card has 20 numbered squares or circles.  These cards come either pre-printed with fill-in-the-blanks on the back or BLANK on the back so you can PRINT whatever you want!  (FREE TEMPLATE on our website.)  Write up your own list of things they can do to earn a box and include a copy of it in the folder. These cards can be used IN ADDITION to the Bingo Game as it may take 2 parties to totally fill the card.  But once their card is filled they can become a member of your PREFERRED HOSTESS Club.   See the FREE PDF of complete details of how to start  and promote a Preferred Hostess Program in the product description of the Preferred Hostess Cards (BCD20390T.)
See all the details of using these cards on the website.  See Shop ALL Products>Other Products>BCD-Business CARD Size Cards  You can follow the links to our BLOG where you’ll find all the details.
You can use the sticker “My hostesses never pay full price” (S20415) or Button (B20415) to generate interest in your club!  Watch your relationship with your hosts grow as you put into practice a preferred Hostess program.

7.  Include a summary of the host benefits
As mentioned above, type up your own list of benefits and host specials, or copy any information provided by your company. Be sure to put stickers by host specials in ALL your catalogs to increase bookings by drawing attention to what they can earn for free.      Also, use the “My Hostesses Never Pay Full Price.” stickers (S20415) and button (B10382).  They’ll draw attention to benefits of being a host.  If your company doesn’t offer a discount to hosts, you can show them that by being a member of your “Preferred Hostess Program” they are not paying full price because they are earning rewards.  And, you can always give your own discounts even if your company does not.

8.  Include company/recruiting information.
Put recruiting stickers on the pages in your catalog which explain the benefits of joining your company.  This makes the information more personal, as if it’s coming YOU personally!  While reviewing the host folder turn to the back side of the folder and point out the slogans.  Tell her she really can “make serious money while having fun.”   Put an “invitation” to become a consultant in her pack. If your company provides recruiting literature, include it in your packet.  Use the “Turn this into your Starter show!” on your literature.  Explain how if she lets you know BEFORE the party that she would like to have this party be her starter show that YOU will do the show for her and a portion of the profits will go to the purchase of her kit.  Tell her you will put the “Please come support my NEW Business” sticker on the invitations!
You can of course include other “Key 6- Recruit/Sponsor Stickers on your literature.  Be enthused and let her know that you would love to help her get started as a member of your team!

Put the “3 prices” pen pal sticker (S10220PP) or other pen pal stickers on the pen you include in her host packet.  She’ll be reminded every time she looks at it.

9.  Include any other instructions
Parties are the lifeblood of your business.  They are how you meet your customers and sell your products.  In order to have parties or shows, you must have hosts.  Giving the host a packet of information is very important.  Many times when customers agree to have parties, they don’t have any idea what they need to do, or how they can help make their parties more successful and earn more for themselves.    They may not be aware that this is how you make your living!  Put this “Committed to party or show”  sticker  (S20427 or S20428) on the packet, a thank you card, or information to reinforce how much you value their commitment to you.

Prepared Host Folders make it easy to let your hosts know what you’d like her to do before the party, the night of the party, and after the party.  Let her know what YOU will do, and how you will reward her for her work.  Encourage her throughout the process, so she works toward making the event a success and a lot of fun!

I challenge you to DO IT to have $1000 Parties!

Of course you don’t HAVE to use The Booster products we’ve suggested in this training.  But, our customers have found that these are the little things that make a big difference.  I remember years ago one gal telling me that giving the MAGNET to each host made all the difference in the world to her parties holding and people not postponing.  When you have a host packed prepared with this information, it makes it easy for the hosts to quickly review what needs to be done.
The stickers make it easy for her to find the info and remind her each time she opens the folder.

K0-1000-Party-System-PackSee many of the products mentioned above and order the “Have $1000 Parties SYSTEM NOW!

Click to see all the Key2: HOST products categories.

Order the PDF with this complete training and GRAPHICS

Order the PDF with this complete training and GRAPHICS

Order this training PDF showing ALL the graphics:



2-Key2B-PDF — Prepare Host Packets Training

Click the T2-02 TRAINING CATEGORY showing the products mentioned in this training.

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T9-09 Holiday or Christmas Gifts from The Booster!

Holiday Gifts to Boost your Business

Gift a gift that gives back to boost your businesses

The Holidays and Christmas are quickly approaching and we have some fabulous ideas for Christmas Gifts for your team, friends in the business, upline or even sideline.

But, why is giving Booster Products as Christmas Gifts such a good idea?

Well, of course WE recommend it because it is good for US! But better yet… it is GOOD FOR YOU!   Here’s a few reasons why:

1- When you get a gift, aren’t you excited to get it out and use it?  Most people are and when you give Booster products to your team as a gift, they get back to work quicker in order to use it!

2- When you give Booster products it is a gift that gives a return many times over.  It doesn’t just save them money (if they were to purchase the products for themselves) but as they USE the products, they MAKE more money!

3- When they receive Booster products as a gift from you, it lets them know you are interested in helping them be more successful!

4- Your team members will be excited to try some new things and this will get them excited for the new year.

5- Whether you need gifts for your team, upline, crossline or friends in the business we have LOTS of ideas!  Since Booster products have proven to give such a HUGE return on your investment your gift is a far greater value than what you are spending.

6- Some of our gifts even come all “gift-wrapped” and ready to go so it is simple and easy for you!

7- NO SALES TAX unless you live in Utah!  That saves you an additional percentage over buy products locally!

8-For those of you who have long-distance teams, most of these packs are easily mailed!  Most will fit in a Priority Mail Envelope!  One more thing to make it easy.  Or, we offer “Gift Cards” that can be mailed in a card.  Or, if you would like us to email them, just CALL our office at 435-245-6088 for information.

9- Flat Rate Shipping!  No matter the size of your order- our shipping is only $5.15!  That is a great deal.  Plus if you order TWICE between Nov 20th and Dec 14th, 2012 you’ll receive a voucher for FREE SHIPPING on an order in January!  This way you can really take advantage of the Door Crashers and spread out your Christmas Shopping a little.  (You’ll need to add the “Free Shipping Voucher” to your cart beginning November 25th, 2012.  You’ll be able to find it in the Idea of the Week Category.)

Now here are some suggested “Packs” and items and who to give them to…..

A: K-CGift Pack- Each of these packs are a $15+ Value for only $3.77 each!  That’s over 75%off! (For this value, you must buy in sets of 3)  This year’s pack includes a delightful “Plaque” that is a gift in itself along with a great selection of stickers to get started.  Each of these packs come gift wrapped too!  They each include a $5 Booster Gift Card and here is a way you can DOUBLE that value!  Once you’ve given them their gift, go to our website and LOGIN and then click on REFERRAL PROGRAM.  You’ll be able to enter their information and EACH of them will receive a $5 Voucher they can use on their order.  (As long as they are a NEW customer!)  Better yet, YOU can earn the money back that you paid for the gift because as THEY place an order (using their $5.00 gift card PLUS their $5.00 Voucher) YOU will receive a $5.00 Voucher you can use on another order!  Wow… talk about a WIN… WIN… WIN situation!  Now, you may ask WHY do we offer this… because we KNOW as your team members begin to use our products they will see a difference in their business.  The more they use, the more success they will have (and when they are successful, you are too!)

B:  You can add even MORE Stickers and products to their gift if you choose by adding stickers from the “Case-LOT Sale” or our “Door Crashers!”  Case-Lot stickers are only 83¢ per sheet!  You can use them in their gifts, or even to fill your prize basket for the coming year.  Quantities at this price are limited so get them while you can!  Door Crashers change each week!

C- Giving Booster items such as the K-Motivation Pack to team members who are building a team will give them some fun things to encourage their team members.

D- Giving Booster items such as those in the K-Recognition Pack to your upline saves them time and energy looking for products to use for those on their team.  They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and it makes it easier for them to praise and recognize their team.

E- Many people love reference books.  The K-Connections Count Pack includes a great book as well as the products to help them set themselves apart!

F- The K-Guest Pack is perfect for a friend in the business to help them get organized for their parties in the New Year!  It includes a great selection of products and they will be empowered to get things going!

G- The K-Recruit $ Pack gives EVERYONE and ANYONE simple tools to get their name out there and recruit!  Simple and easy suggestions!

H- So many people tell us how they love our FOLDERS!  The K-Folders Pack is the perfect gift to help anyone be organized to start their parties for the new year.

I- Delightful Motivational or Recognition Hand Crafted Plaques make delightful gifts for every team member!  See “HC1055 — Great People do Great things… You’re Great,” “HC1056 — Reach for the Stars” or “HC1057 — Success is only a phone call away!”

Remember, YOUR Success and the Success of your team and friends is our goal!  Booster products have PROVEN to help over 1 million consultants to be more successful!  We would LOVE to add YOUR TEAM members to the list!  It is unbelievable to many how a 2¢ sticker can have such an impact on their businesses but if you are in doubt, read some of the testimonials on our website.  Better yet, use this opportunity to try it for yourself.  Track the results for yourself.  Start the new year by doing what we teach and see how it impacts your business!  I know you’ll be impressed and excited by the results!

To go to the Case Lot Sale Click: http://www.thebooster.com/317-case-lot-sale

To go to the T9-09 Christmas Gift Training Category Click: http://www.thebooster.com/327-t9-9-holiday-christmas-gifts

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Key 6A- Get more Recruits! Plant recruiting seeds everywhere!

Key6A- Plant Seeds- Create Sparks- draw people to your opportunity!

Plant seeds- create sparks- put out there what you want to attract back!

Recruiting others to your team can really increase YOUR paycheck.  Let everyone who sees your products, catalogs, invitations, or mailings know that you love what you do and that you can help them earn great money while having fun too!

Let everyone know how much you love your business.
You never know who is looking for a new opportunity.

We use the term “planting the seeds for recruiting” throughout this training.  So, what does that mean?  It is an analogy between growing a garden or a plant and growing a team or a recruit.  It means to put a little thought (a seed) into your customers’ or contacts’ minds to get them thinking about the BENEFITS of joining your team.  If you wanted to have a garden you know you would first need to prepare the soil and get things ready to grow don’t you?  What would you do next?  Would you leave the ground alone and wait for volunteers to come up or would you plant seeds to grow something intentionally?  If you’re not planting seeds, all you are going to get is volunteers.  And yes, volunteers are great but a gardener wants to improve his odds by planting seeds.  Don’t you? 

This is the SECRET- to put out there what you want to attract back!  Then, when you talk to them one-on-one you will be able to water and grow that seed or question it into a new team member.  The following ideas should help you put the benefits of your business into the minds of your customers and contacts.  People will want to know more, and you’ll have the opportunity to share!

1.  Understand the advantages of recruiting and start doing it!
 There are big advantages of recruiting, such as getting direct commission from your recruit’s sales, earning bonuses and trips from your company, etc.  Make a list of all the benefits of your job, such as a flexible schedule, good hourly income, fun to meet new people, etc.  Once you’ve realized how wonderful your job really is, for both you and others, it’s easy to share it with them.  Remember to think of your opportunity as a GIFT that you want to share with everyone you meet!  Use recruiting (Key 6) stickers in your catalogs, on invitations, and all your papers.

2.  Start recruiting BEFORE the party!

     How many invitations do you send to each party?  How many people come?  How many people are learning that you have recruiting opportunities?
The average consultant sends out around 30 invitations for each party to have about 8-10 people attend.
 Those 8-10 people get the chance to learn about your opportunity by hearing you speak, but how many are NOT learning that you have opportunities?  The 20-22 who did not attend, right?
 So, what if you put a recruiting sticker on EVERY invitation?  Then, all 30 you send invitations to will at least learn that you have opportunities!  Some may even come because they are interested in an opportunity.  Also, you never know, someone might see the sticker on an invitation hanging on someone else’s fridge and be interested.
 But, it is guaranteed if you DON’T plant recruiting seeds there is nothing to grow.  So, start NOW to plant seeds by putting recruiting and booking stickers on everything!
 The “Party on a Sheet” stickers (SSS4) give you everything to get started on “Booster” principles all on one sheet.  Read the directions and DO IT!  Give them to new team members to get them started Boosting their businesses from the start!

3.  Use one-liners in your demos and conversations to get their attention!

 Make your presentations fun and make them seem EASY to do, so people will think “I could do that!”  Be excited about your job so people will want to know more about it. Use the PDF handout to make a list of “ONE-LINERS.”  A one-liner is a phrase or short sentence that describes a benefit of joining your team.
(We also suggest you use one-liners to promote booking.)
 Try to coordinate each of your one-liners to a specific product so that when you demonstrate that item, you always say that one-liner.  (You can write the one-liners on sticky notes and stick them to the back of the items you are demonstrating until you get the hang of it.)  The idea is to just get them thinking, tease them with an idea, then quickly move on.  Plant the seeds by  creating curiosity and interest.
 Here are some examples of “One Liners”:
1) This item is in our start-up kit and you’d get it when you sign up to be a consultant.
2)  I signed up to be a consultant a few years ago, because I really loved this ___ and as a consultant I can got it for ??% off!
3)  If you’re short on cash tonight, talk to me later about how you can earn Free products or, lots of extra cash for just part time hours.
4)  I really love making full time money working only part time hours.
5)  Our team meetings and trips are so much fun!   Talk to me after if you’d like to come to some.
6)  The flexibility this business offers allows me to be there for my family, earn the things I love, and have a career too!
 We’ve found that incorporating the benefits of joining your team throughout the demonstration rather than one long dissertation at the end is more effective.  People don’t have time to tune you out because you quickly move on to other items in your demo.  (The PDF for the one liners is included in the complete Key6A training online. KEY PACK CLUB INFO > KPC-Key 6A Recruit > 6-Key6A-Plant Recruit Seeds ) 

4.  Hand out Recruiting Dollars at your  parties.
 Money always gets people’s attention.  These recruiting dollars really do the trick.  They’ve been one of our most popular products since 1991! 

The Recruiting Dollars (V6658) look like one hundred dollar bills, but they are smaller, (so they don’t get folded up) and they say “Short on cash?  I can help turn this into real money.  Call me today!”

Here is an idea about how to use the Recruiting Dollars:   First, write, sticker, or stamp your name and phone number on the back of each bill. 

(I also recommend that you put one of the recruiting stickers by your name so there is something to draw their attention to the back.  You could also include “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427), “Ask me about my monthly specials” (S40489), etc. stickers to give them other reasons to call you.)

In fact, make it easy on yourself.  Print your information on the “I love what I do” (PSM6502)  or “Could you use an extra $100 per week?” (PSA6208) Printable Stickers.  Then, quickly stick those to the back of each recruiting bill.

Then, at your party say “How many of you would like $100?  Of course everyone usually says they would.  Give each of your guests a recruiting dollar. 

Your guests will look at the fake $100 and say, “Yea, Right!”  So, you say, “No, wait, this is magic!  I want you to open your purse and put this $100 bill in your wallet with the rest of your money.” 

Wait while everyone does it.  Then say, “This is how it works.  Every time you look at that $100 bill, I want you to remember — I can help you make it real!  When you are ready, give me a call.  My name & number is on the back.”     Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill, especially when it is the only money left in their wallet?  This is a way for you to make regular contact with a person without picking up the phone.  It works too!  This is better than any TV commercial because they think of you over and over.  Even if they don’t join your team, they will know your NAME and how to contact you.

Now, take it to the next level:  as you begin to work with repeat customers you say, “Didn’t I give you $100 at the last party?”  They say YES, and you ask if they still have it in their wallet and to show it to you. 

When they do, give them a little gift. (You have then just planted the seed for everyone to keep their bill in their wallet so the next party THEY will get a gift.)  Then you can tease a little and say something like, “You haven’t called me!  When will you be ready to turn that into a real $100?”  (Of course you can include recruiting dollars with tips at restaurants too!  Be sure to get their name and number so you can follow up! 

You can now listen to this AUDIO TRAINING on this products by Jenny B.  You can even DOWNLOAD it to share with your team! Go to: http://blog.thebooster.com/t6-01-use-money-to-make-money

5.  Do a demo using the “Dream Bucks” and “Bill Bucks.”

Ask for 2 volunteers to help you with the demonstration.  Ask the first volunteer, “Would you like to do what I do for a living or have a part-time job for $10 per hour? (She will probably choose the $10 per hour job.)  Tell the 2nd volunteer that she gets to do what you do. 

Start to tell the story that person #1 went to work for 2 hours last Wednesday so she earned $20.  (Hand her 2 of the “Bill Bucks”.)  Person #2 did a party just like I’m doing tonight.  She also worked 2 hours, but she made $100. (Give her a $100 Dream Buck.) 

Continue the story with scenarios like… Person #1 was scheduled to work on Thursday, so she missed her daughter’s dance review while person #2 scheduled her party for Friday, so she got to attend the review.

Use these scenarios to help your customers understand the flexibility you have in setting your own hours, picking your profits, and socializing with new people every day.  See even more ideas online under V6660 and V6661.  These bucks also have places for them to write what THEY would do with the money.  Why do we have both BILL BUCKS and DREAM BUCKS?  So you can help people to realize they can make money in your business to just pay bills or to achieve their dreams!

6.  Use stickers and buttons to plant recruiting seeds!

 Booster stickers and buttons have hand-drawn, colorful graphics which are designed to catch people’s attention and give them a quick recruiting message.   They look like logos and the graphics are designed work with both the RIGHT and LEFT brain so they are first read consciously and then subconsciously read over and over again! 

Stickers and buttons get people thinking, and encourage them to ASK YOU questions.  Put a recruiting sticker by your name on every catalog, every invitation, and every piece of literature that you give out. 

Recruiting Formula to Success:
Say LESS to MORE people!

 That is why it is so important to put the stickers EVERYWHERE!  (Several stickers are included in this key pack.  Put them throughout your catalogs and on other literature!)
 Wear buttons to the store, to ball games, and everywhere you go.  These buttons show others that you are passionate about your business and get people asking YOU questions.  This gives you the opportunity to share about your opportunity.  Think about it, how likely is it that someone in the grocery store will strike up a conversation?  How much do you increase the odds when you are wearing a button that invites them to talk to you?  If you’re not wearing a button you could be missing opportunities!  How do you think people will respond to the “Extra $100” or “Full time Pay” buttons included in this keypack?  We have LOTS of Recruiting Buttons to choose from.  See them online under BUTTONS > Recruit

TIP:  Keep a selection of buttons on the visor in your car.  Before going into a store, choose a button, put it on and think: “What will I say if someone asks me about my button?”  Then decide what you will say. 

 For example, if you are wearing the “extra $1000” button, (included in this key pack) people will ask you “How?”   First ASK them what they would do with it (so you can better understand them and then BE READY with several responses. 

Practice them so you can say them with sincerity and enthusiasm because people WILL ASK.   Be sure to have a business card, some company literature, or a product sample with your information attached to share with your potential customers or recruits. 

Also, have a small notebook and pen ready to write down THEIR information.  Tell them you’d like to send them a card and ask for their address.   Ask them when a good time would be to contact them and FOLLOW UP within a few days as you would love to show them your products.
 Be SURE to send a follow up card if you’ve asked for their address.  They’ll  actually watching for it!  Include a little gift like a Bookmark, magnet, etc. that has your name & contact info on it to really impress them.

6.  Send follow up recruiting postcards.

Send postcards to people you meet at parties who might be interested in joining your team.  Select 3 people from EVERY party who you’d love to work with.  Make a note on your guest list of something you found outstanding about them that would be an asset to them in the business.  Mention that in the postcard. 

Write something like,
“I really enjoyed meeting you last night at Sally’s party.  You have such an outgoing personality and I think you would be GREAT in this business.  I would love to tell you how easy it is! I’ll call you in a few days or feel free to call me at 555-1212.  Thanks, your name.”
 Or use the preprinted TEXT cards we offer and just fill in the blanks!  It’s just that easy! 

7.  Let Pen Pal Stickers, Printable Stickers, and magnets advertise for you.
 Wrap the Pen Pal stickers around the tops of your pens so they look like flags.  These will not only save your pens from being taken home, but your customers will read them over and over again!
 These slogans get your customers thinking about the benefits of joining your team, so when you ask them, they’re more likely to want to hear more about your opportunity.  This sheet of 16 stickers of 4 different designs of pen pals gives you a variety.  Watch the people at your party, they will be curious to see what is on the other pens.   

You could also customize the Large Rectangle size of Printable Stickers with your name and info and print any other message you want, such as “Join my team this month, and your kit is free.”  Then, wrap them around the tops of your pens or put them on your catalogs.   These also make great magnets.  Just mount the stickers on our business card size WHITE magnets (M10)!  Hand write, or use a printable sticker to include your contact information below the sticker.

8.  Brighten up your Party with FOLDERS! 
 Do you realize that the “Guest Folders” (V4119) and the “Hostess Folders” (V2670) not only hold your catalogs, sale flyers, etc. at the parties, but they are also great recruiting tools?  They have several colorful recruiting messages on them that WILL get noticed.  You’ll be planting recruiting seeds while they are waiting for the party to start.

Also, use the folders to put together “recruiting packets.”  Fill the folders with information about your company, the commission or earnings scale, company trip information, team meeting info, etc.  Have a few on hand at each party, or in your car, so when you talk to someone who is seriously interested in your opportunity,  you can give them the packet.  Then, ask them to read the information and you’ll get back with them in a few days to answer any questions they might have.

You have so much to offer! 
 Find out what people want and then let them know how YOU can help their dreams to come true.  Different people want different things.  Be aware and ask questions.

Spend 80% of the time listeningband 20% asking and giving information.
Even the WAY you ask plants seeds and gets them thinking about what you offer.  Here are a few suggestions of questions you can ask once you’ve gotten to know them a little bit: Do you need an immediate fix of an “extra $1000 per month?”  Are you looking for a flexible job that you could work around your children?  How much recognition do you receive at the job you currently work?  Would you like to have a job where you get recognized for your performance?   Look at the different slogans we offer in our Booster Products.  They are designed specifically to get people thinking, and to get YOU thinking!  Are they looking for the “opportunity of a lifetime?”

“LISTEN means Look InSide Their Eyes Now!”  
–Linda Lucas

Make yourself a list of scenarios of what people are looking for and how your business can help them.  Then, get some responses in your mind so you are prepared to answer questions.  Be enthused about what you do.  Care about the people you meet.  Find out their dreams, and help them achieve their dreams.  Plant the seeds, nourish them, and then watch your business and your paychecks GROW!   Be sure to ask every guest if they (or a friend) would be interested in your opportunity. 

If you don’t ask …. the answer is no!


We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, you can join our KEY PACK CLUB and receive a 10% discount on every product we offer as well as additional discounts on the products mentioned in the monthy training.  Click KEY PACK CLUB INFO Category http://www.thebooster.com/281-key-pack-club-info for more details.

The products discussed in this training are all shown in this category.   There is also a PDF of this complete training including graphics in this category.  See 6-Key6A-Plant Recruiting Seeds

CLICK: http://www.thebooster.com/290-kpc-key-6a-get-more-recruit-leads


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Key 6B: Recruiting Follow UP to Sign-Up!

Follow up to Sign-Up!

Be persistent not pushy!

After you’ve planted those initial recruiting seeds, follow-up. 
“Be persistent, not “pushy.”

The comment I hear the most, when it comes to following up on recruiting is, “I don’t want to be pushy.”  Following up and keeping in touch is NOT being pushy.  (It’s only pushy when you don’t let “no” mean “no” – once you’re sure you’ve asked the right questions.)  Remember, you are offering them a GIFT — the opportunity of a lifetime!  You are offering them “The American Dream” of owning their own business and all the benefits that come with it.

How many times were you asked to join a direct-selling business before you actually said yes to one? 

How do you feel about the person that recruited you? 

Do you think they were too pushy? 

Are you mad at them for sharing the opportunity with you? 

Probably not.  You should be happy that you were offered the opportunity to be involved in such a great company with so many benefits and opportunities.  The trick to staying excited about recruiting is to keep this in mind when following up with your potential recruits.

 Repetition and persistence are wonderful marketing principles which you should practice.  How many times have you seen a commercial on TV or an advertisement in the paper and thought nothing of it because you didn’t need that product or service at the time?  Then, when you DO need what they are offering, that company comes to mind.  This is how many people respond to your opportunity, and your products.
 Be excited to offer your opportunity to everyone.  The worst they will say is NO, and what will that hurt?  It is just one more NO on the way to a YES.  Most people don’t say yes right away.  That’s why following up is so important.  Be persistent, not pushy.  If you don’t ask the answer is already NO!

1.  Plant the recruiting seeds.
 As we covered last month, include recruiting stickers on all of your literature.  Hand out recruiting dollars and other information.  Mention your opportunity to everyone you meet, without prejudging or making assumptions.  Use the  larger stickers on the front of your catalogs. Make it look enticing to “Start their business” by getting the kit!  Wear recruiting buttons to start conversations!  Remember, you want to ATTRACT people to you by putting out there what you want to get back!

2.  Seriously talk to people about your opportunity.
 The first time you meet someone who would be great in your business, share your enthusiasm and a few of the benefits of joining your company.  Ask EVERYONE at your parties.  Give them enough information to get excited, but don’t overwhelm them.  Practice telling your information.  Keep your first recruiting message down to less than one minute.  Use specific words and phrases such as, “Could I give you some information to take home and read?”  Let them know you are not looking for a commitment now.  Ask them questions like “Would you like to work part-time hours for a full-time income?”  Then, LISTEN to them.  Listen to their needs and wants. 

L-I-S-T-E-N = Look In Side Their Eyes NOW!

Save the details for later.  At the party is the time for you to be taking care of your customers.  So, if someone wants more information ask them if you can set up an appointment where you can go over the details.  Be excited but don’t overwhelm.

Give every interested person a business card so she’ll have some way to contact you.  Mount it on a magnet!

Make a note on your guest list, of who you gave cards or magnets to so you can call them and set up interviews!  At the interview, talk about details such as their commissions, benefits, prizes, and more.    Explain how they can get started, how much money is required, exactly what is expected of them, and other specifics about your company.  (You could even include any written information from your company in a guest folder (V4119) which has several recruiting slogans on the back.)

Remember, an interview is a time for two-way communication.  Encourage each potential recruit to ask you questions and you should ask her questions that will help you determine if she really will be a good team member.  Joan Nilsen, a master team builder featured in the Build It Big book, says “Ask questions to uncover her needs and motivations… Questions are the answer!” 

Keep notes of what you talk about.

Don’t just look to join people for the numbers, look for people are willing to work and contribute to the team.  Make sure to let your potential recruits know that you don’t make any money from signing new recruits, you only make money if THEY are making money and becoming successful.  Reinforce that you will do all that you can to train her and continue to help her in any way that you can as long as she is willing to do her part.  Be sure to let them know what is EXPECTED of them.  Some are so anxious to get a team member that don’t let them know what is expected and then they are frustrated when people don’t work.  We need to be straight with them and let them know that there are certain things that they need to commit to become successful.

End the interview by saying something like, “I really would love to have you on my team.  Are you ready to give it a try?”  You must ASK-  remember, if you don’t ask the answer is already no!

3.  Keep track of who you need to follow up with!
Staying organized, and being consistent is a key part of recruiting.  After seriously speaking with a customer about the benefits of your business write down the name and phone number of that person on the “Butterfly…  Recruit!” Erase Board (EB6129).  Keep it handy on your refrigerator, or at your desk.  This beautiful erase board has places for you to check off when you’ve made an interview appointment, had the interview, sent postcards, made follow up phone calls, got them to join the team, sent welcome postcards, etc.  Remember, “It’s what you do with what you have that makes you who you are!”

I love the quote on the bottom of this erase board:  “How do you help others become butterflies?” “Show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to give up being caterpillars.”  It is up to you to show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to do what is necessary.  If you gave out a recruiting packet, gift, etc. as mentioned previously, when you get home, add that person to your erase board so you are reminded to follow up.

Recruiting IS a numbers game.  It is important to give everyone the opportunity, but it is even more about working with the people who choose to work with you.  Don’t waste your time on people who YOU don’t want on your team, or those who aren’t interested.  Their time may be later.  Always be nice and keep in touch so when they are ready your name will be the first one they think of.

4.  Send postcards.
I recommend that you send a postcard to a potential recruit about once a week, or once a month, depending on their interest level.

Postcards are not intrusive, yet they remind people you are thinking of them, and it keeps your name in their minds.  Even if they never join your team, they will know who you are for when they need your product.  We even have some with the text already printed on them for you, or you can use our FREE TEMPLATES to print your own then add a handwritten note at the bottom.  We have several designs or you can use our BACKGROUNDS to print whatever you want.  We even offer the designs PERSONALIZED with your information already printed on them.  Just see the different designs with a PR following the item number.

When you send postcards, be sure to include something personal.  (In another blog we talked about the importance of your guest list and writing down something about each guest to help you remember them better. 


Be sure and write something positive like “great smile,” “makes people feel good,” “loves and knows the products,” etc. so you can use these comments when you send postcards.  Then, as you get to know these people better, keep notes so you can continue to be original.  It will pay off in the end by helping you to build a great customer base as well as a team.)

Think about the ABCD formula.  A= A success formula.  If the B for Benefit is greater than the C for Cost = DO IT!  The cost of a postcard is less than 14¢.  To mail it is 28¢ for a total of 42¢.  Let’s say you send one postcard a week for 3 months and then one a month for 6 more months.  That would be 15 postcards at a cost of $6.30.  How much would you make if after 6 months the time was right for that customer to join your team?  Would you make more than $6.30.  Even if they didn’t join your team during that time, I’m sure you could have called them to keep in touch or get an order, or entice them to be a host.  You would easily make you $6.30 investment back as well as building a relationship that could go on for years.  What is important is that you set up a SYSTEM to send the cards.  Make it part of your routein!
5.  Follow up with phone calls.

Make a goal to call a certain number of contacts each week.  You can invite them to rallies, unit meetings, or large sales meetings.  Be interested in what is happening in their lives.  KEEP NOTES! 

If you are using our Customer Care Cards (V4124) as your contact system, attach a colored 4” x 6” card to the back  of the cards with those whom you’ve made recruiting contacts.  A different color for recruiting, hosts, and additional customer information makes it easy!

When you show genuine interest in them, they will be more receptive to what you have to offer whether it is products or the opportunity. 

When you take care of the people, the money will take care of itself.  Too many times people are so focused on getting a recruit that when the person is not interested they drop them like a hot potato.  When this happens, it confirms in their minds that is was a good decision to NOT join their team. 

Remember to  continue to build the relationship with them as a customer and hostess.  You never know, she might eventually join — but if you don’t keep up the relationship, chances are you will lose a customer, friend and host as well as a recruit.

6.  Continue to send them literature.
When new catalogs or sales flyers come out, drop them one in the mail.  Drop a recruiting bookmark, notepad, or magnet with your name on it in their envelope.  They’ll see these items repeatedly, and think about you.  Your goal is to keep in contact so when they are ready, they will come to you.  Put recruiting stickers on the envelopes and catalogs you send.

Use the “Extra $100” printable stickers (PSA6208) as address labels and the “I love what I do” mini printable stickers (PSM6502) as return address labels.

7.  If  they aren’t interested, ask for a referral.   If they tell you they are not interested at the time, ask if they know of someone else who might be.  Still keep in contact with them as a customer, and be sure to follow up on the new lead!  Build that new person’s self concept by telling her that her friend thought she would be fabulous in the business.  Be sincere in your compliments, letting her know you would love to tell her more about the opportunity.  Put a recruiting sticker, on the back of your business cards and ask them to share.  If a person then joins, reward the person who gave you the name.  She might then give you more names or decide to join too!

8.  Encourage comments from customers.
Encourage your customers to share their dreams with you.  Then, tell them HOW you can help them to reach their dreams.

Think about the benefits that you like best about the business you are in.  Then, think back to when you first decided to sign up with your company.  What influenced your decision the most?  Compile a list of five reasons someone should join your company.  These are the ideas that you should work into every presentation, and most importantly every recruiting interview you do.  (See your Recruiting ONE LINERS list from last month!)  Remember, be enthusiastic and sincere when sharing your opportunity so everyone will know that you really do “Love what you do, and they can too!”  See the Bill and Dream Bucks (V6660 & V6661) to learn how Rhonda Townsend won :Recruiting Queen with her company by using this technique!”

Remember the challenge game: To keep track of how many “NO”s you get before you get a “YES.”  Then, try to get less “NO”s before the next “YES,” etc.

Get to know each person you approach with the opportunity.  Find out each person’s likes, dislikes, needs, and dreams.  Point out the qualities each person has that you think would make her a great member of your team.  Send her a recruiting postcard.  Help her to envision her success.  Explain that she will be part of a team who will support her all along the way.  Tell her that you, and the rest of the team, would love to help her get started, will continue sharing new ideas throughout the years, and hopefully you will become close friends.

TIP:  When you are finishing up an order at a party with someone you would love to have on your team, say something like this:
 “Could you use an extra $100 a week?  You know, I’ve noticed you tonight and I would love to have you on my team.  Have you ever though of becoming a ____ Consultant?” 

If they give you the normal excuses, point out one or two advantages (flexible time schedule, being their own boss, etc.) and ask if those would be of interest to them.  If those benefits don’t interest them, find some that do.  Then,  if they still say no, not now- but showed a glimmer of interest, explain “That’s OK, I felt that way too, at first, but I have a gift for you.” 

Then present them with a recruiting bookmark  (with your contact info on the back–use the “Extra $100 “Printable sticker  with your contact info and a “I would love to have you on my team” sticker.) and  the “I would love to have you on my team” Business Card Size sticker (PSB6309) made into a magnet with your info.) 

You could also give them a little sample of your product in a clear cello bag tied with a festive ribbon.  Ask them to use the magnet to put the bookmark on their fridge and say: “Every time you look at these, I want you to remember that you would be FABULOUS in this business because you are so __ (outgoing, talented, love the products, etc.) and I would LOVE to have you on my team.  I’ll be checking back with you in a week or so, OK?”  How do you think they will feel about themselves every time they look at the bookmark and your magnet?  Right, they will feel good about themselves and feel good about you.  Even if they don’t join your team, you will be building a relationship which will likely lead to future sales!  That magnet with your contact info will be on her fridge forever!  Once you’ve talked to her encourage her to use the bookmark in her favorite book to remind her of your opportunity.


           Be persistent, but not pushy!  

Remember to use the Recruiting Stickers: 
Lately there has been a LOT of talk about creating “sparks” that will interest people in your business … that it takes too much time to plant seeds and wait for them to grow.  However, you can create all the sparks you want over concrete and you’ll not get a flame.  The trick is to lay down the kindling, create an atmosphere where they are receptive to your “spark” and then when you say something that generates a spark of interest, they are more likely to respond.

Remember, “The Secret”?  It is all about ATTRACTING to us what we want to occur.  As you lay the groundwork about your opportunity you will be putting out there what you want to get back.  People will be drawn to you as you are consistently enthusiastic about your business and the benefits it offers.    Then, once you’re created the spark and a fire has ignited,  be sure to gently fan the flames until they are on fire and excited themselves!


We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, you can join our KEY PACK CLUB and receive a 10% discount on every product we offer as well as additional discounts on the products mentioned in the monthy training.  Click KEY PACK CLUB INFO Category http://www.thebooster.com/281-key-pack-club-info for more details.

The products discussed in this training are all shown in this category. 

CLICK: http://www.thebooster.com/291-kpc-key-6b-recruit-follow-up

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Key 4B: Get Sales Soaring by helping your customers choose your products as gifts.

KPC-Key-4B- Sell more by offering gifts

Help your customers choose your products as gifts

Boost your sales at every party or show by reminding your customers of all the
upcoming events they need to buy gifts for.

When you get your customers thinking about upcoming events that they will need gifts for they have a reason to buy.  Let them know that you can help them find a solution for all their needs.  Boost your outside sales by asking customers to fill out their wish lists so you can contact their loved ones with gift ideas.  

In this Key Pack training we are focusing on “Boosting sales by selling gifts.”  Remind your customers that in addition to buying your products for themselves, they can buy them as gifts for their friends and family.  Let them know they can call you anytime they need something, they don’t need to attend a party to order.  Get them thinking of upcoming events they’ll need to buy gifts for, and give them suggestions of which products would work well for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.  Help them understand how buying gifts from you can be easy, fun and convenient.  Implementing just this one concept can bring THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in additional sales to your business.

1.   Suggest reasons to buy gifts at the party.
 One of the main REASONS people buy things is “To meet a need or solve a problem.”    Remind your customers of all the upcoming events they could be needing gifts for. 

Then, show them how YOU can make it easy for them to get their shopping done and the benefits of letting YOU help them.  For example, rather than making a special trip to the store, they can conveniently shop from you now or anytime and get credit marked off on their preferred customer card!

It is important for you to generate interest in how your products can be given for the occasions we normally buy for ncluding: Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, wedding showers, baby showers, promotions, etc.    

Remind them that they can “Call you anytime to place an order” (S40247) or remind them they can email you orders by putting these stickers in or on your catalogs. Invite them to “Visit me on the web” (S40462)  Or, use the printable sticker (PSA4204 or 05) and put your contact information on it.  This way you’re sticking TWO messages at once! 

Use stickers throughout your catalogs to draw awareness to products that are good for gifts.

You can also promote the idea of giving gifts “Just Because,” and explain that you don’t always have to have a specific holiday coming to want to give a gift to someone.  (For example, show a product that anyone would want and suggest that she give it to a friend when she is having a bad day, or to a neighbor to show her how much you appreciate her.)  It seems like there are always events sneaking up on us, so why not get your customers to plan ahead for those events and purchase their gifts from you.  Suggest products that are great “generic” gifts they can keep on hand.  Put the “Affordable Gifts” or “Gift Idea!” stickers by items in your catalogs!

2.  How can YOU be more effective in SELLING GIFTS?
It is often difficult for your customers to come up with an idea of what to give as gifts, so they will surely appreciate your ideas.  When you are giving your demonstrations, SHOW your customers HOW your products will benefit the people they are seeking gifts for.  You need to “push their buttons,” so to speak.  You want to create the need for your product.  Use  stickers to draw attention to specific products. 

One of our customers has us print “Give the gift of ______ (her company) on the “Gift” Large Square.  She puts this on the front of every catalog.  She orders them over and over again so they must have a positive impact on her business!

A)  Use stickers to remind them of upcoming events.

Put stickers not only on the pages of your catalogs which show great gift ideas, but on your invitations and order forms too.  As they are filling out their order forms, they’ll think again about what gifts they need.  (Wear the “Gifts for all Occasions” button (B40386) or use it in your display.)  Use stickers like “Think ahead… birthdays, anniversaries, weddings” (S43117), “Gifts for all occasions” (PR40125), “Is a Birthday Coming?” (PR40128)  and “Gifts for every holiday” (S40492).

B)  Sell in sets.
Put together two or more items that go together or fit a theme.  Offer a few dollars off, or a discount, if they buy the set.  Use our “Printable Stickers” to print information about a “set” you offer and put it by the products!

C)  Use one-liners throughout your demonstrations.
Talk about gifts in connection with many different items as you present them.  Don’t go into a lot of detail on every item, just use little “one liners” like, “I gave this as a gift to my mom and she loved it because it …..!” or “Your daughters will feel pampered when they use this to ….”       

Make a list of products and of people who could use your products.  For example, if you sell candles, promote that candles would make a great gift for real estate agents to use at their desks or to give as gifts to people purchasing homes.  Keep in mind INTERESTS or HOBBIES!   Suggest products that would be great for people with certain hobbies.  List gift ideas for men, women, and children of all ages.  Include suggestions in several price ranges.

Once you put together these lists, include them in your catalog folder, or at least review them so you can make great suggestions.  Put together a “Gift idea” notebook showing an item and WHO it could be given to!  You could even make this into a game to play at your parties!
 DOWNLOAD the GAME version off our website under KEY PACK CLUB> KEY CLUB SPECIALS.  It is in the PDF you can purchase or get for FREE when you are a member of the Key Pack Club! There’s room to put S40427 on the upper right.

If you tend to cater to a specific group of people, print a suggestion of who an item would be good for and print it on the Printable Stickers.  The small square size stickers (SS) work great and you can easily cover them up with a different sticker if the sale or group changes.

 See the great selection of PRINTABLE STICKERS we have online!  Download our FREE TEMPLATES and use them to print whatever you want ONTO the stickers purchased from The Booster.  See our “USING TEMPLATES FOR DUMMIES” for complete step-by-step instructions of how to do it.  It is really EASY!  I promise!

D)  Offer “Gift Cards!” or “Gift Certificates”
Sometimes we just don’t know what to get for those “hard to buy for people.”  After giving your suggestions for gifts, let them know that if they are not sure what someone would like, they can give a gift certificate.  Explain that you offer gift cards for any amount they want.  Then, you’ll include your contact information with the gift card and whoever they give it to can contact you directly. You will then help them pick out something special. We offer our gift cards with fill-in-the-blank redeem information on the back, or you can purchase them blank on the back.  Or we can personalize the back with YOUR INFORMATIONso they can  even be given as “To-From” type gift cards with a gift purchase so your customer doesn’t have to go get a card.  With YOUR info on the back. the person receiving the gift knows where to get more!

Whether you use our gift cards or the gift certificates your company offers, use the “Gift certificates available” type stickers in your catalogs to remind customers that you offer them. 

E)  Offer free gift wrapping.
To encourage more gift buying, offer to wrap their gifts for free if they spend over a certain amount.  This makes it even more convenient for your customers and it gets their average orders up.  (Use this sticker in your catalogs or whatever promotion you’d like to offer. )  

PDF-Key4B-sell gifts PDF download

PDF-Key4B-sell gifts PDF download

F)  Invite your guests to fill out WISH LISTS.
In last month’s training we discussed the importance of getting your customer information.  The back side of our “Customer Care Cards” (V4124) has a wish list section to fill in.  Wish lists help you to know some items she would like, but will not be buying at the party.  As an added feature, if they would like YOU to contact someone to purchase the items for them as gifts, it has room for them to include that person’s name and contact info.    (Download the instructions under V4124 on our website for more information about how to organize and use this information on a regular basis.) 

If you would rather just have a wish list, we do have those available separately.
Husbands and boyfriends LOVE getting reminders and gift ideas.  Once they’ve finished purchasing for their wives, see what you can do for their mother, sister, etc.  Offer “Free Gift Wrapping” for orders over $$$ to encourage them to spend more.  This is a WIN-WIN situation.  Everyone is happy!
We even have postcards you can send to let them know you have their wish list and to let you help them.  Once the card is sent, follow up with a phone call.

G)  Call your “Preferred Customers” or mail them postcards with gift ideas.
When holidays are coming up, you have a good excuse to call them to see if you can help them with anything.  Remind them that buying their gifts from you helps them to fill up their “Preferred Customer Card” more quickly and of the gift they will receive when it is full.  Use our BACKGROUND Printable Postcards or type up a flyer with your gift ideas.  Offer a dollar or so off items, or offer something special with a certain dollar amount purchased. 

Use the “Call me for a new catalog” (S40200) stickers on your postcards or flyers.  Or, customize a printable sticker with another message that will get them call you immediately.

(H)  Stash a Few for Gifts.
When your company is offering a product at a really great price, draw attention to it with the “Monthly Specials” sticker by that item.  Suggest during your demonstration that as this is such a great buy, they may want to get several to have on hand because they make a great wedding, shower, etc. type gifts!  (Are you using the same catalog next month when the product is NOT on special?  Just cover that sticker up with one of the other “gift” type stickers.)

I)  Make the most of Birthdays! Everyone has one!
 So far we have been discussing how increasing your customer’s awareness of gifts solutions can boost your sales.  However, you can also increase your outside orders by sending Birthday gifts yourself!  Once you have your customer’s information using our Customer Care Cards, or the NEW Birthday Register cards, develop a program to send birthday cards to your ustomers offering them a discount on orders placed within their birthday month.

Birthday Register Cards are so you can easily keep track of the birthday’s of your customers and send an entire month at a time.  Just pass around the set (put on the ring included) and have your customers put their birthday on the correct month.  When you get home, transfer the info to a set you keep in your card file.  In this pack, you are only receiving ONE set, so you’ll need to order a complete set, but you can get started immediately.  Then, once you get your next set, you’ll have an extra set if some months fill up faster than others.

We have recently developed a complete idea on how to use Birthdays to boost bookings sales and more!  You can see the complete training on the website under FREE Training > T4-Sales > T4-03-Birthdays!  Included in this pack are samples of the Birthday and Celebrate cards we offer.  Some with text and some are blank so you can write your own message.

Conclusion:  Sometimes the guests at your parties will just buy one small item so that they feel like they’ve helped support the hostess.  These guests forget that they’ve got to run to the store the next day to buy a birthday gift for their daughter, or a wedding gift for the neighbor, etc.  Stick the stickers and mention the one-liners as we discussed in this training and you will reach your potential for thousands of dollars in additional sales.

Click the link below to go to our website and see all the products discussed in this training:


Or for even more products see the Key 4: Boost Sales category

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KEY 4A: Get Sales Soaring with Outside Orders!

KPC-Key4A- Boost Sales with outside orders

KPC-Key4A- Boost Sales with outside orders

Let your customers know that when they need your products, they can order from you anytime, not just at a party.  Boost sales by encouraging reorders, promoting specials & more!

KEY 4A: Get Sales Soaring with Outside Orders!
Encourage your customers to place orders from you anytime.  

When guests are at your parties, it is up to YOU to present your products, tell of the benefits, find out your customers needs and wants, and get them to buy your products.  But, what is often forgotten in this industry is following up with those contacts in the future for additional sales.  Put “The Fortune is in the Follow UP” Bookmark (BM72634) in your datebook or Magnet (MPR70334A) on your fridge or to remind you to do this important concept!

Since the key 4 area of “Boosting Sales” is so extensive, we will address it in three different Key Packs.  This Key 4A focuses on selling your products through “outside orders” (meaning building relationships that may START at a party and then generating orders long after the original party.) (Make sure to go online this month to download the BONUS.PDF document entitled “Have successful catalog parties.”)  The Key 4B pack (coming May 1st) will focus on Boosting Sales by Selling Gifts” and the Key 4C pack (coming Sept. 1st) will focus on Preparing your catalogs.

First, it is VITAL to develop a SYSTEM to keep track of your customers!
Make sure to get every person’s name, address, phone number, and email address if possible.  (In our Key2 training we suggest that you get their names and addresses on a guest list from your host before each party.  That way if some do not attend the party, you can still contact them and build a relationship.)

We’ve developed a system using our Customer Care Cards (V4124).  Include a card in each of your guest folders.  During your presentation explain the Customer Care Card and the “Preferred Customer Program.” (Read more details on these cards and programs online under V4124)  Ask each person to fill in their information so you can take care of them.  It is important to refer to these cards as CARE CARDS, to instill that you want to take care of their needs.  These cards help you collect and keep track of additional info such as birthday, anniversary, if they are interested in receiving free products or earning extra income, their wish list items and who to contact to buy them, and how many squares they have marked on their “Preferred Customer Cards.”  (See more info about PC Cards in item 3) 

Then, when you process their order, mark off their boxes, give them the PC card and encourage them to call you when they need gifts or any of your products.

When it comes to keeping in touch with your customers, ask yourself the question: Is the Benefit greater than the cost?  Big companies seem to think it is!  Don’t you get ads in the mail and your newspaper on a regular basis?  Big companies know it is important to keep what they have to offer in front of their customers.  We realize you are not a big company, that is why we have developed products, such as the printable postcards, that look professional yet are a easy for you to personalize to make offers to your customers. 

You need to develop a plan to keep in contact with your customers regularly.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Send sale flyers, postcards, or mini-catalogs to your customers several times per year.  At each party, make sure that your customers understand that they can order from you anytime, not just at parties.  Use this sticker (PR41036) to add some color to your flyer and ask them if it is time to reorder with this sticker.
 Put stickers like “Call me anytime to place an order” (S40247)  or printable stickers with your contact info included (PSA4204) on your flyers, catalogs, and order forms.  Send postcards, sales flyers, mini-catalogs, or emails to all of your customers on a regular basis.  Let them know what’s on sale and what’s new.   The printable version are so nice because they look professional, and are so EASY!  View the sticker then click the download TAB for the TEMPLATE and save it to your own computer.  OR, have US print them for you! (SEE PSA4204PR  Using our Printable Stickers so much better than just stamping your name for several reasons which include:
1- Stick TWO messages at once (Saves time!),
2- They stand out!
3- They look professional,
4- Since they’re laser printed– no smeared, unreadable information,
5- So much faster than stamping because you don’t have to wait for it to dry (and no smearing!!)

Many times customers attend parties, buy your products, and truly enjoy them, but they don’t think to call you when they need more.  You need to remind them of your great products and services.  Put a “To reorder:” printable sticker (PSM4501) customized with your name and number on the back or bottom of every product that you send out. (See the FREE TEMPLATES online.) 

If you don’t ever see the order but it is delivered to your host, ask your host to put the “To Reorder” stickers on customers’s products before she delivers them.  Tell her you’ll give her a gift or mark-off extra squares on her Preferred Hostess Card (BC2670) for doing it.

Doing mailings is an effective way of developing a more personal relationship with your customers so they will come back to you over and over again.  Use the stickers included in the SSK4 or SSK4B combo sheets to dress up your mailings and highlight certain items.  NOTE- these could also be used to dress up catalogs that your customers view at the party or those that you send to them!

For customers who have not ordered in a few months, send them the “Is it time to reorder?” postcards (PP40376C).  Have a system to follow up after a certain amount of time with customers that may have used up a product so you get them when the time is right.   Our postcards are easy to use whether you are sending several or just a few.  They come with text for you to just fill-in-the-blanks or your can print your own message ONTO them.  (FREE TEMPLATES are on our website in the DOWNLOAD TAB under the product.)  Sending postcards is an affordable and very easy way to send notices to multiple customers at once.  (Remember, Postcard stamps are cheaper too.)

Encourage customers to call YOU to get a new catalog by sending the “Brand new Catalog” postcard (PP40572(C or CT).  This is particularly good if your catalogs are expensive and you haven’t heard from the customer in a while.

See our colored BACKGROUND postcards that you can print onto yourself or check back often because we’re constantly developing NEW postcards with TEXT preprinted for you. See the POSTCARD category online.

2.  Call your customers!!!
After each mailing you send, take the time to call as many people as you can to follow up.  You’ll be surprised how many people thought about ordering, but didn’t get around to calling you.  Be  of service to them and they will come back to you.

You might try mailing to just a portion of your customer list one week.  Then, a few days later start calling just those customers.  A few days before you expect to have those all called, mail out another batch of postcards or flyers.  Then, start calling them in a few days.  With this type of system you will get a better response from both your mailings and calls.  We call this the “Keeping in Touch Program!’

Make a goal for yourself to make a certain number of calls each day or week.  If you don’t have a reason to call, make one up.  For example, you could say you are having a “white sale”.  Tell them that for the next 3 days everything in your catalog that is white is on sale for 10% off.  You could give them suggestions if they don’t have a catalog.  Or, you could have a “free shipping” sale.  Get them to make an immediate decision by giving them a time limit to take advantage or “double box or circle mark off on their preferred customer card” if they order that day.  (You can print specials onto PRINTABLE BORDER Stickers to draw attention to specials on the front of mailings and catalogs.  See them online.)

3.  Start a “Preferred Customer Program.”

Give a “Preferred Customer Card” (BC4601T or BC4603T) to each new customer at your parties.  (If you use the Customer Care Cards (V4124) they have a perforated Preferred Customer Card on the side that your customers can tear off and take home.)     This gives you an excuse to keep in touch with each person, and it encourages them to order from you again.  When you pass out the cards, explain how they work.  Tell them the dollar value of each square or circle and what they will earn when they get the entire card filled.  To reinforce this, have them fill out the back of the cards at the party.

Keep a list of the people to whom you’ve given “Preferred Customer Cards.”  Call them and offer them “2 for 1” squares marked off, or ask them if they are ready to book a party to fill up their card, etc.  (See lots more details online- search for BC4601.)

4.  Encourage guests to bring OUTSIDE orders to parties.
Isn’t it great when customers CALL YOU to place orders?  Include the “Outside Orders Welcome” sticker (S40376), on invitations or cards or catalogs that you mail to customers

HINT:  Put the “Bring ____ in outside orders” stickers on 5 catalogs.  Ask your hostess if she has “working friends” or friends that belong to a book club or something like that.  Suggest that she give one of the 5 catalogs to those people and invite them to show them at work, etc. and take orders.  Her friends will receive a “Free Gift” and the hostess will enjoy greater sales totals for her party or the “Bring ___ in outside orders & receive a Free Gift!” sticker (S43049) on each invitation.  OR, when your hostess is making her reminder phone calls, have her explain to her guests that they can tell their friends that they are attending a ____ party, and ask their friends if they need anything.  She could also offer to drop by some catalogs and remind them that they’ll get a free gift for any outside orders.  (Be sure to recognize those helpful friends at the party and make them feel special.)  This also helps you get more bookings because potential hosts will see that others could help her make her party successful.  Then at the party recognize those who brought the orders and offer to do a party for them.  I have had customers tell me these little stickers are made of GOLD based on the orders they bring in! 

5.  Use stickers on your catalogs to promote outside orders.
By sticking the “Outside orders welcome,”  “3 prices,” or other Key 4 stickers in your catalogs, you remind customers that they can order from you anytime.  These also give some of the benefits of doing so. (These stickers and some others mentioned in this training are on special this month but NOT included in your keypack- Order online under KEY PACK CLUB then KEY CLUB SPECIALS for special pricing.)

6.  Let your customers know how easy it is to order from you.

On all of your literature, include stickers like these!
You can also PRINT your contact information on  printable stickers.  Use them on receipts,  mailings, and product packaging. 

Let customers know they can charge their orders both at the parties and in your “outside orders” information.  When they know they can use a credit card it makes it easy and they know they can do it right then!  (We have several different “Charge It type stickers showing which cards you may accept.  See them under KEY 4 stickers online.)

7.  Encourage your customers to refer their friends.
 Getting NEW customers is a way to boost your sales as well.  Encourage your good customers to help you get NEW customers!  They already know the benefits of using your products, they love your products, and they love working with you so invite and remind them to share.  These customers make the best advertisers.  Include stickers like these on their products & catalogs.  Then, when one of their friends is looking for your product, she’ll have been reminded that you’d love to help them.

8.  Boost sales & contacts with OLD Catalogs!
Turn leftover catalogs into money-making advertising!  (You’ve already made the investment in the catalogs- just a few cents more an a little time can introduce you to new people!)  Put these stickers on the front of old catalogs.  Be sure to include your contact info on the “Call Anytime” printable stickers on the back of the catalog as well.  Then leave them in doctor’s offices, beauty salons, laundromats, etc.  ANY waiting room will do.  People will look and call!  Be sure to plant booking and recruiting seeds by putting Key 1:Booking and Key 6:Recruiting stickers (look online) in the catalogs as well.  You never know where planted seeds will germinate do you?

Don’t JUST generate sales by doing parties.  Build a residual income by letting your customers know that they can order from you anytime, encourage them to have “catalog or book parties” and encourage them to refer their friends to you.  You’ll be amazed at the boost in your sales when you follow these techniques!       When you DON’T follow up with customers, they go elsewhere to get similar products.  Follow up with your customers, meet their needs, and you’ll see an increase in your sales.

Here is the link to the Key4A Category on our website that has all the products mentioned in this training.  For additional products see the KEY4 Category.


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T0-08 — Stickers: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW!

Stickers keep talking when you stop!

WHO?  YOU should be using stickers because they have a tremendous impact on your business!  Customers tell us they love using them because they do the talking for them.  Who notices them?   Everyone! 
WHAT?  Booster Stickers! Because they are graphically designed to be eye-catching and get attention!   We have colorful designs that look like little logos!  People are drawn to read them, then because they are graphically designed, then the RIGHT side of the brain will read them over and over again even when they just glance at them!
WHEN?   All the time!   Stick them, refer to them, comment on them and stick them some more!   They’ll get you responses all the time!   When you use stickers you are constantly planting booking and recruiting seeds in a way that people become curious and start asking you questions. 
WHERE?   Everywhere!   Use them on everything such as invitations, catalogs, envelopes, your products, folders, packets, business cards, brochures & you can even wear them!   Since there are different designs for each of the Key Areas of your business you’ll want to use a variety to get them thinking about all the benefits of your business.
WHY? Because stickers encourage customers to talk to you!   They generate more people at your parties and more sales! They make customers feel good because they can see you’ve taken that extra moment to put a “Thank You” sticker on their invoice.   They get people thinking about your booking and recruiting opportunities without you having to say anything!   In fact, when you use them on every invitation you are planting seeds before you even meet them.   And most important WHY is: THEY WORK! 
HOW: Just START!   Start putting them everywhere (of course you have to order them first) and you’ll be amazed at the difference little 2 cent stickers can make for your business! 
Remember to apply the A-B-C-D formula! 
A Success Formula
If the B for Benefit
Is greater than the C for Cost
Then D = DO IT ! 
Give it a try and see what stickers can do for you!
Start shopping now- Just click SHOP ALL PRODUCTS then STICKERS in the categories down the left.  Then click the KEY AREAS of your business you want to boost  Or, click the Key Area Categories, then click STICKERS in each one. 

Click HERE to go to the Shop All Stickers Category:  http://www.thebooster.com/87-stickers-87

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EGG Hunt for Savings! Learn how to find products to boost your business

Happy Easter- EGG Hunt Sale!
Sale prices good April 8-13, 2012 —  Sorry this sale is over, but this post is still informative on how to find products on our website.

Find the 14 EGGS to get the Deals: 
Over $30 in products for less than $5!

Plus while you are searching, watch for the ON SALE items in almost every category!   You’ll find Stickers for only $1.17 per sheet, PR Stickers for only $1.47 per sheet!  Buttons for 60¢ each and Bookmarks for only 19¢ each! 

Yes, you’ll have to find your gifts (kind of like when you were a child and went on your Easter Egg Hunt — wasn’t it fun?)
But I’m going to make it EASY for you and tell you exactly where to find them!

Now, in the process, you’ll learn how things are laid out in our website to make it easier for you to find things in the future.  Our website works like most others, but we have some unique situations — we have OVER 2000 items!.  So we’ve created a system to make it easier to find things – but if YOU don’t understand our system, you may not know where to begin.

So let’s get started!  I recommend you PRINT this PDF and then you can easily follow along.  I’m going to tell you EXACTLY where to go, and then give you some hints for future information.  (If you would rather read the info from this BLOG use the tabs along the bottom of your screen to go back and forth between the website and the blog.)

Or HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PDF: The Booster Egg Hunt for Savings

First, let’s discuss “The KEYS to Success!”  We have taken your business and broken it into 9 different KEY AREAS. (This is also explained in the NEW CUSTOMERS item on our Home Page.) We then use these “Keys” to sort the products.  See if you can relate to each of these areas:
Key 1: Get Bookings Booming
Key 2: Have Happy Hosts
Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
Key 4: Get Sales Soaring
Key 5: Have Committed Customers
Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
Key 7: Motivate & Inspire
Key 8: Recognize & Reward
Key 9: Seasonal Success!
Now, don’t you want to have ALL of this for your business?

I’m sure you do, and if you are looking for help in a specific area, you can go to THAT Key and see all the products we offer.  We DO provide the “little things that make a BIG difference!”

HINT:  All our product NUMBERS match the KEY they are intended to help you in.  For example a Key 1: Booking stickers will start with the number 1 after the S.  For many companies, item numbers don’t mean anything but for us they do.  For example products beginning with: S= Stickers, PR= Stickers PRinted in our office, PP=Postcards, B=Buttons, PS = Printable Stickers (stickers you can print ONTO).   These LETTERS will also correspond to many of the categories!

Sometimes there are letters at the END of a product SKU as well- they give clear definition of what a product is.  For example if a sticker ENDS in PR it means it is personalized for you and printed in our office. A postcard that ends in CT means it is printed in COLOR with TEXT. Stickers that end in A, B, C, etc, means the SAME DESIGN is available in different sizes. A DS for Display Sign that ends in CD means it is like a card and will stand up in your display.  The reason we add the letter to the END of the product is so they will all come up together and you can see the different options available for the same product.

FIRST- SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT or LOG INTO your account!  Click on Welcome LOG IN or  YOUR ACCOUNT (upper right- below the search button)  If you’ve already registered on our NEW WEBSITE, enter your email and password to log in.  To create your account enter your email and follow the instructions.  Remember, this is a NEW WEBSITE (Since Sept 2011)!  Even if you have been our customers for years, you will need to set up an account on the NEW website.  NOTE:  Always refresh your screen when logging in to make sure you get the newest info.

NOTE:  You CAN place an order as a guest, without logging in or setting up an account but you will NOT have access to track that order or any order history.  There are also many BENEFITS of being a registered customer:

You’ll earn LOYALTY POINTS you can use for products of your choice.You can TRACK your order HISTORY
You can  join our REFERRAL PROGRAM
You can create MULTIPLE WISH LISTS!  (They can be viewed from ANY computer once you are logged in!)
Some Sale prices don’t show up unless you ARE logged in.

The website will SAVE YOUR CART as long as you LOG IN!  However, be sure to finalize your order before a particular sale is over because once the prices have been changed you will no longer receive the sale prices, (even if the items are in your saved cart.)
Really quick, let’s start a WISH LIST!  You’ll see once you are logged in a PINK “MY ACCOUNT” section comes up in the left column.  Click on MY WISHLISTS.  Create one- name it whatever you like and SAVE it.  Then, as you are scrolling through the site and see a product you like, you can click VIEW and ADD it to your wish list.  Then, when you come back again, click on the wish list and select which list you want to view.  HINT: If you really like a FREE training idea, you can ADD that “product” that has the brief training and links to our BLOG to your wish list and you’ll have the link to all those products without having to add each product individually!.  Just for setting up your wish list you’ll get a FREE GIFT with your order, I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

Now, let’s find that $30 worth of products for less than $5!  On the 14 items with the EGG there is a LIMIT of ONE!  The website won’t let us limit you, but if you order more than one, we will only SHIP ONE and you’ll be wasting your money.  It will SAY LIMIT ONE in the Top description line.  You’ll be looking for items with the FLAG in the graphic.  (This Fun Job Button is found in Key 6 Buttons or search for the item number!)

Our NEW website is so fast that it should take you LESS than 30 minutes (unless you get sidetracked and start reading some of the training or looking for the other GIFT products!)  Yes, we actually have OVER 250 total items on this Egg Hunt.  You will find some in almost EVERY category.  Just look for the ON SALE right above the price in the products.  There is NO LIMIT on these products so you can get them for yourself, gifts, whatever!  Stock up at these LOW prices!

Let’s start SHOPPING!
1- Shop ALL Products:  EVERYTHING in our product line is listed here.  They are divided by the TYPE of PRODUCT.  If you are looking ONLY for Stickers, you can start here.  Let’s find the first item:

Click on SHOP ALL PRODUCTS (If you click on the title- the SUB-CATEGORIES will show in the middle.  If you click the + the list will show below the header.  Then click on STICKERS.  Then TOP SELLING STICKERS.  Click on TS1-Booking.  Scroll down and you’ll find LS1122  “Every item has 3 prices” Stickers for only 20¢!  Add it to your cart!
HINT:  Look along the top of the center section, you’ll see what they call “breadcrumbs” like from Hansel and Gretel, these tell you what categories you went through to get where you are!  In the future I will use the > symbol instead of “then” over and over again to show you what categories to click on.

2- Click on STICKERS in the Breadcrumb line.  It will take you back to the STICKER CATEGORY.  Now click on SPP-Pen Pal Stickers.  Scroll down and you’ll find a lot of the pen pal stickers on sale for only $1.17!   FYI:  The Pen Pal stickers are also shown throughout the sticker categories, but customers are often looking for these specific type of stickers so we’ve put them in their own category.  We’ve done the same for the COMBO sheets.  See some of the deals there too!

3- Go to the TOP HEADER LINE and click on SHOP ALL PRODUCTS (this takes you to the same category as mentioned in #1- just a different way to get there.  Click on OTHER PRODUCTS.  You’ll see a LONG list of categories.  This is to help you find SPECIFIC Types of products.  Click on TC-Team Cards.  You’ll see across the top that there are 60 items in that Category. If you go to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that you can change it to show 50 items per page.  Do that then click OK.  Then you’ll be able to scroll down to the bottom.. (You might find a few other deals along the way!   The item you are looking for is TC70157GC Dream Big CARD with envelope.  Or, you can click on the SORT BY and select Z to A.  It will then be among the first items you see for only 19¢!  Add it to your cart!

Now let’s approach the products from the KEYS direction:

4- In the CATEGORY LIST click Key 2: Hosts>Key 2: Postcards.  You’ll see there are 67 items in this category.  You are looking for item PP20529CT — If Call Them They Will Come.  It is on page 4.  But you can scroll down to the bottom and click on 50 items then OK and all 67 items will show up on TWO pages.  Now remember, our website is FAST, but we also have TONS of graphics to load, so it may take a few seconds.  Then scroll down and there it is for only 50¢/pkg!  For the fun of it, click VIEW.  You’ll see a larger graphic and you can actually run your mouse over the graphic and it will enlarge it even more.  If you click on the graphic, it will show even bigger so you can actually read the text.   Another way to make it bigger is with newer versions of Windows you can hold down your CONTROL key and roll your SCROLL in your mouse and the items on the screen will get bigger or smaller. Be sure to see the KEY 2 Postcards for Lots of the SALE deals.  Quantities are Limited so get them while you can!

While you are in PRODUCT VIEW let’s point out a few other features. 
If you click on MORE DETAILS the page will automatically scroll down to the TABS.  The contents of the first MORE INFO tab is automatically shown.  This gives you general usage of a product and exactly what the GRAPHIC or GRAPHIC and TEXT reads.
DATA SHEET TAB will tell you the regular price on products, what basic KEY info so we don’t have to repeat ourselves over and over again and PRODUCT DESCRIPTION information telling you sizes, how many per package etc.
COMMENTS TAB is where YOU can write a REVIEW on a product, or read what others have written.
INFO may or may not have additional information in it.
DOWNLOAD- If this tab shows that means there are FREE DOWNLOADS that go along with this product.  For example this is where TEMPLATES would be.
ACCESSORIES- If this tab show that means there is additional training.  If you are familiar with our IDEA OF THE WEEK FREE TRAINING that we offer, you know I give LOTS of training.  Each of those training ideas are given a PRODUCT SKU and that PRODUCT is attached to each of the products mentioned in that training under the ACCESSORIES TAB.  There may be SEVERAL different trainings mentioned under a product.  This saves me from repeating the training and allows YOU to see a more comprehensive training and other products that relate.

We are done here, be sure to Click to ADD  the postcard to your cart!  (You’ll see the item float into your cart in the upper right.  If you are actually in VIEW of a product, you can then click the BACK BUTTON and you’ll go to exactly where you were.  If you are adding products from the listing pages, the item will just float into your cart and you’ll stay right where you are.  Or, you can just click on the next category you want to go to under categories in the LEFT column (or the breadcrumb links at the top of the page.)

5- Click on KEY 3: Attendance > Key 3: Stickers.  You are looking for S30310 — Bring Friend (yellow) STICKERS for 20¢.  There are 114  items so you can either click each page, or sort by product name or even price to get the lowest price at the top!  Add it to your cart.

6- Click on KEY 6 Recruit > Key 6: Stickers.  This is where we have over 100 different Stickers to encourage people to ask you about your business.  Put them in your catalogs, on invitations or anything.  You are looking for S64017 — I Love What I Do STICKERS for only 20¢!

7- Click Key 1: Booking > Key 1: Other Products.  You’ll see there are 37+ products.  You are looking for BM12636 — Wish list free host show BOOKMARK for only 1¢.  In the “Other Products” you’ll see K-Packs (Money Saving Packs including selections of products) Erase Boards and so much more.  Check out the savings on the PACKS!

Now we’re going to deal with the SEARCH function of the website. 
It is COOL and FAST!  As you begin to type something into the search, a list of 10 products will come up and you can quickly click on the item you are looking for if it comes up in that list.  If it doesn’t click the actual SEARCH BUTTON then the complete list will show up in the center of the website.  It may be long depending on what you put in the search field.  HINT:  If you make it too many words you won’t get much but if you can think of a specific single word the list could be shorter.

8- Search for the word Customer and you’ll see that over 580 items come up.  But if you search for the word Customer Favorite there are only a few.  .  the S40579 –Customer Favorite, Gotta Try it! Best Seller, Popular Item SET STICKERS for only 20¢.  Other items that are similar will come up too!

9- Search by item number.  Yes, if you know a specific product SKU, type it in and it will come up along with any products where that item number is mentioned.  One of the things we did in creating our new website was applying the KEY number as the first number of the item (after the letter) for EVERY PRODUCT.  Previously our PR stickers and Postcards printed in our office used a different numbering system.  So, if you are trying to find a product from a number you have on a product it should STILL come up because I’ve tried to include the OLD number in the product description.  So let’s search for PR824 which is Motivation Quotes Stickers.  We added a 70 in front of the 824 because this is a MOTIVATIONAL sticker.  So, when you search for PR824, PR70824SET will come up for only 50¢.  Add it to your cart!

10- Search by word.  Search for the word RECOGNIZE.  You’ll see there are 81+ results.  You are looking for SSK8 — Recognize & Reward Combo STICKERS for only 20¢.  Add the sticker to your cart.

Now we’re going to deal with some of the SPECIAL FEATURES of our website.

11- Click Key Pack Club Info under Categories.   Our Key Pack Club is a great way to get TRAINING and PRODUCTS delivered to you each month.  It has LOTS of benefits.  Click on KEY PACK CLUB INFO.  You will see SUBCATEGORIES.  Those subcategories show the products that are included in the monthly keypacks.  You can click on them to see what’s in them.  Now, BELOW those categories are some actual products.  This is where you learn about the Key Pack Club and JOIN the club by adding that item to your cart.  Be sure to click the DOWNLOAD TAB and download the Key Pack Club info for all the details and BENEFITS of joining the key pack club.  As a member of the KPC you get an automatic 10% discount on EVERYTHING on our website and save an additional 20% on items mentioned in that month’s training.  You can save on shipping too by having items added to your Pack and sent with it each month.

12- FREE Training>T9-Seasonal>T9-14 — Spring has Sprung! -7 Steps to Successful Spring.  You’ll see the category header.  Then, below that is a list of all the products.  The first item (9-14 is the actual idea.)  When you click VIEW, you’ll be able to see the links to my BLOG where the actual TEXT of the training is shown.  Then there are links back to the category where ALL the products mentioned are listed.  You are actually in that category so if you scroll down you will see EB2128 –Follow up -hosts Success for YOU! ERASE BOARD for only 50¢.  Add it to your cart.

13-  Click on FREE PARTY IDEAS > PI-5000 –General Party Ideas > PI-5001 — Mystery Hostess Parties.  This is a NEW feature we are starting.  We plan to give you all kinds of Party Ideas for General, Theme, Guys and Seasonal parties (hence the variety of category headers.)  Some of these were previously under the Free Training but we are moving them to this section so we can be more specific.  (Scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll find the V4124 Customer Care Cards for only $5.99!- NOT an egg item but an ON SALE item –  you’ll see some other items ON SALE too!)

14: Tags and Company Specific.  We have plans to put products into the Company Specific Categories, but for now they aren’t there (because it will take a lot of time) so the EASIER way was to use TAGS.  Scroll down below the TESTIMONIALS in the left column and you’ll see TAGS.   As we develop party themes they will be in this TAG, however they will not be all together like the will be under the Free Party Ideas category.  You’ll be able to click the TAG that matches your company, there may be some overlap.  While you are looking be sure to add items you like to your Wish List.

15- Dollar Deals!  Each week we offer different DOLLAR Deals on products.  (Some may be a Dollar OFF instead of actually cost of $1.00) Click on DOLLAR DEALS category.  We don’t have any items during this sale but each week we have from 10 to 20 Dollar Deals.

16- Idea of the WEEK!  Each week we offer specials and training.  This is the link you’ll click for the list.  You can also click IDEA OF THE WEEK in the banner across the top for the specials each week.  Just so you know, the PRODUCTS that explains the idea is what is shown in that category heading.  It has a link to the ACTUAL CATEGORY where all the products are listed.  Those categories are shown under FREE TRAINING and then the KEY area of the business they pertain to.  Remember, there is a T0- which is OVERALL TRAINING!
Click the IDEA OF THE WEEK category and add the “Make your Wish List” product (if you did) to have us include your FREE GIFT in your order!

If you keep searching through Stickers in Key 2, Key 5 and Key 6 you’ll find 3 more stickers to add to your cart.  You’ll find LOTS of them on sale too!

One more item to search for V1008-PP-NOT LAM Postcard Dividers SET to get organized.  This set is on special for only $1.49 for the NOT LAMINATED version.

That’s IT!  You should now have at LEAST 14 items in your cart.  If you added every item mentioned you’ll have OVER $30 worth of products for less than $5.00!  But hopefully, you’ve take advantage of the other EGG Hunt Deals you’ve found along the way.  You can click on your cart (Upper Right) anytime and make changes to your quantity, etc.

You can still be searching for other SALE items with the ON SALE above the price.  There is NO LIMIT on those items so stock up!  When you finish your order, be sure to submit it.

Once you’ve completed your order, come back here for some tips on finalizing and submitting your order.
A-  Click on the CART BUTTON (upper right) or in the cart box.  Your cart contents will be displayed as you shop but once you click on the cart you’ll actually see small graphics and be able to adjust quantities.
B-  Check your address- Please be patient and allow the LIST of states to come up and then select your state.  We’ve had some issues with Pay Pal not working and that seems to be the problem.  If you run into this, see the FAQ along the bottom for exactly what to do.
We ship via the US Post Office.
C-Click NEXT to go to the Payment option:  Be aware, when you go to pay for your order, we accept MC, Visa, AMX, Discover AND Pay Pal.  Pay Pal is our processor, please click the pay pal option.  Then click to confirm the order.  It will take you to the page with the credit card or Pay Pal options.
D- Click to continue to submit your order.   You should receive a confirmation email.

I hope you had fun!  Have a wonderful Easter Holiday.  Thank you for all your support!  Jenny B
EGG HUNT Sale prices are good April 8-13, 2012!  
Make sure your finalize and submit your order.

P.S.  We LOVE helping you “Make a Difference!”

Jenny B is hosting a RADIO SHOW!  Yes, each week you’ll be able to listen to me (Jenny B) give you all kind of ideas to “Booster your Business – Discover the Keys to Success!”  The radio show will broadcast on Voice America Business Channel each MONDAY, at 2:00 PM Pacific, 5:00 PM Eastern Time.  You’ll be able to LISTEN LIVE- (and get special rewards for taking quick action on specials) or listen the REPLAY!  You’ll also have the option to DOWNLOAD the training to you can listen ANY TIME!
There is an APP for your phone so you can listen while you are out, or you can listen on your computer!
Get prepared to LISTEN next Monday, April 16th!  Here is the link: http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/247/voiceamerica-business
Then Monday, you’ll see my Banner!
If you have a smart phone, download the VOICE AMERICA APP.
I am SOOOOOO excited about this and hope you’ll join me!  Please, tell your friends!
Keep this email for quick access to our links (or bookmark them)
• Our website:  http://www.thebooster.com
• Our Blog: http://blog.thebooster.com/
• IDEA OF THE WEEK SPECIALS: http://www.thebooster.com/305-idea-of-the-week-specials
FREE TRAINING: http://www.thebooster.com/86-free-training-86
FREE Party Ideas: http://www.thebooster.com/328-free-party-ideas
• Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/thebooster.jennyb
• We welcome your phone calls: 435-245-6088
Open M-Th from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm Mtn Time
If we’re not in just leave a message.
• Office email: jennybb@thebooster.com
• Website contact: http://www.thebooster.com/contact-us

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